Terasof Book 8


♡ Terasof Book 8 ♡

Soul Personality
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Keys to Pure Perfected Mysticism

from God Sof and Feroniba

Deutscher Originaltext

English translations started by Ayven ♡


Chapter 1 - Der 11. Schlüssel - Missstimmung, Zorn, Mangel und Leid als Tempelglocken zur Begegnung Gottes - Amadeus 8. Channeling

Chapter 2 - Der 12. Schlüssel - Manifestation der Allmacht und Allliebe Gottes und der Seelen auf Erden - Die große Vision

Chapter 3 - Ein neuer Abschnitt und neue Medien - Kontakt mit der Sonne, der Erde und dem Planetensystem - Chocolate DR

Chapter 4 - Geschichte und Wahrheit - der 13. Schlüssel

Chapter 5 - Der Seelenname - der 14. Schlüssel

Chapter 6 - Der Punkt im Kreis - alle Mittel im Einklang mit der Gottheit - der 15. Schlüssel

Chapter 7 - Liebe , die treibende Kraft und glorreiche Herrscherin ♡♡♡ - Om Aum Amen - der 16. Schlüssel


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Chapter 1 - The 11th key - Anxiety, anger, lack and suffering as temple bells for Gods encounter

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

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MD 23 (M 8) - Tue 2015-10-13 London 11:35-14:39
(11:51) G: Hello my dear Feroniba ♡ (The sun is now shining through the clouds onto FOs face in this moment - FO always sits facing the sun, if it gets too hot also covered by a thin cloth as a curtain or in the shade of a windowsill etc.) We continue our encounters and conversations. Our subject for today is anxiety and anger, caused by lack, fate and attack. We understand it as a gateway to divinity, which we pass through, by engrossing and understanding in accord with the experienced devine. The discordance calls for this and is experienced similar to the chime of the temple bells, which invite to the encounter with God or summon the initaited to it. Why this unpleasant or even horrible scenario? I, the almighty and all-loving God, give you the answer:


In the eternal unlimited paradise there is (end page 110) neither lack nor suffering, as opposed to the finite limited material sphere. The original native home of all beings is unconditioned and free, without beginning and without end. In freedom the unconditioned soul-personality enters the conditioned sphere - voluntarily, only who wants to. This is generally knows as the fall of man, Adam and Eve understood as place-holders for every being etc.. Once caught in seeming conditionality, the unconditioned sphere is, conditionally, no longer reachable (able to be entered) out of itself - the symbol is the angel with the firesword. Only through Gods blessing, directly or through the angels and prophets, the path to unconditionality opens up anew (again). Through seeming lack and seeming suffering conditionality becomes the seeming reality. And here lies hidden the 11th key of pure perfected mysticism:

The merely feigned experience of lack and suffering is, through the true experiencing and encountering (end page 111) of divinity, understood and experienced as what it really is (in truth), namely only a feigned (life-)image for the immersion of the exchange with God and for orientation on the path to unconditionality, and can now be seen and understood, touched and healed in perfected divine unison. Loss and dissolution of material goods, forms and bodies as well as mental concepts and realities are a part of the syntax of the material language of life-images. Serial killers and holocaust, earthquakes and deluges (great floods) are not images which can be fought or defeated, but must very much be immersed and treated, ideally in accord and experience of divinity itself. An alternative does not exist. Moses who parts the sea and Jesus who resurrects the dead are symbols and metaphors hereto. When the soul leaves the body because (end page 112 = 4) it (the body) can no longer sufficiently (adequately) match or serve it (the soul), a revival is no longer conducive and also no longer possible at a certain point, as the soul consciously withdraws itself.
So now how does it stand as to mass-fates like the holocaust, the World Trade Center, tsunamis and wars? Why does fate strike the most different personalities with the most different development- and consciousness stages at the same time? Where is the sense in this, (how) the accord with divinity to be seen, understood and treated? This is the confusion which is brought about by doubt, the 11, and only divinity, the 1 or the 9, through ones own experience and actualization of divinity as spiritual reality against matter, also the 0 (no matter, not the material dimension), can dissolve and heal in truth. 9-11, the 11.9.2001 shows (end page 113) this, clearly recognizable for number-mystics - or 2 towers fall and 1 tower arises out of it - clear for everyone as imagery. Sodom and Gomorra, Hiroshima and Nagasaki etc.,Atlantis and Lemuria.
My dear Feroniba, and also all beloved readers, this is the place where I prove myself, which can only be revealed through contact with me, God and Sof, with the 64 gates (to God, list by FO) and infinitely more, to absolute satisfaction of each one asking and to the perfected treatment in full scale. Here every affected person requires their very personal experience of divinity, of understanding and treatment - similar to the doctor having to treat each patient entirely individually in serious cases - relevant to the person and the case. In case of medical (end page 114) treatment, for the sake of staying with our allegory, the best possible outcome would be the patient proclaiming: "The doctor treated me as well as in any way possible - I am healed and can now learn to live with the respective consequences of my fate - life still makes sense for me - we have made the best of it, and one can keep living with that."
But this as best result from a true experience and encounter with God, the almighty and all-loving, would not be satisfactory and not sufficient. Thus in some cases the sea really does have to be parted, the dead resurrected and the materially seemingly impossible, through God, the almighty, against all circumstances made possible - thus say logic and reason, ethics and moral, love and faith, longing and trust in God, the almighty all-loving ♡♡♡ For you there are currently three sources (end page 115) standing in paradise which carry your name: music, healing and mysticism, from which the divine person can never be separated - it only ever appears in perfected unison and oneness - God and source, a personal exchange, personal experience, and a joint action. This is the proof of divinity in perfection for you, Feroniba, currently on the earth and in the mental field of your visions and dreams. As my initiate, envoy or prophet you are also the answer and the proof of God for others. Lead them to their sources of divine causal substance inside of their pure and perfect soul, back to their true native home, the eternal and unlimited paradise of God. Make manifest again the connection for every one sincerely seeking:
material (physical) or mental surrounding - body - mind - 64 gates (to divinity) and infinitely more, in short, masters, angels, (end page 116) God - (ones own) being - mysticism - sources - unlimited paradise.
I promise you and all those seriously seeking perfect success. I bless you and all of you with my omnipotent all-love - yours and all of yours, God Sof ♡♡♡ End 14:39 ♡♡♡

* * * * * * *

Amadeus 8. Channeling 2015 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ - Wed 2015-10-14 London (Berlin) 12:18-12:40


Outline in key-points:
Theory and practice, array of gradual disengagement between freedom and state of law - Not everyone can speak with God - Gang-wars in Germany - Great Brittain is very good - Sof God book not for everyone, write comments for mystics and mysticism-students - AM likes the book very much ♡♡♡ - Succes of FO compositions immeasurable - Sofs book center of the earth - overtones in the bass - big wash-cycle to all with FO and Toni as eG chairmen :-) - glorious 7 born, the chakras cut through world-power, FO mends through book, like Shakespeares Hamlet end act 1 - Jesus is invention of the flavian Romans - FO receives introduction into MD and appearances and overwhelming things, MD is a "must" for FO ♡♡♡ - "The wisdom lies within you dir" - spectrum as help - With Sofs book as basis through advertisement new Terasof-monastery-members :-) With the new high vibration of mysticism ♡♡♡ - Thoughts-confirmation - AM is pleased with FO, keep it up! ♡♡♡ - Many heartfelt, most heartfelt thanks, dear Amadeus - End ♡♡♡ >>> Complete text Amadeus 8 <<< Here :-)

8.1 - Translation - 15/Dez/15 - 19:30 - 21:15 = 1h45min (Estimated time of work 2h)

Chapter 2 - The 12th key - Manifestation of the omnipotence and all-love of God and the souls on earth - The great vision

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

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MD 28 (M 9) - Sat 2015-10-17 London 19:22-21:07
(19:35) FO embraces G ♡♡♡ Love-energy is hurled from FOs belly-chakra into all directions ♡♡♡ No matter can enter (instrude). Loving souls come from all directions and take their place. G adresses everyone through FO.
G: I greet you all with all-loving omnipotence. Feroniba is calm and satisfied. We begin the second (end page 122) chapter with the twelfth key of pure perfected mysticism. It is a joy and honor to us how numerously you have come. My absolute blessing perfuses you all. A great symbol will be revealed to you today. It is the key to freedom, to the omnipotence of your soul, the 12th key.

1 becomes 2, 1 + 2 make 3, and the numbers 1 and 2 make the number 12, 3 x 4, 2 x 2 x 3. The zodiac, the months of the year - 1 year contains 12 signs or months. 12 (different) tones of an octave determine the music of the world - 7 and 5. Today we reveal to you 9 and 3. Feroniba will bless, elevate and surprise you through the art of the 9 and 3. 9 is the biggest number. Initiates are always aware of this and recognize the perfect revelation of God in the 9.


Feronibas brother Darius is also invited to reveal the art of the 9 and 3 - in perfect divinity (end page 123) through the immaculate eternal soul, the 7 (chakras etc.) and the 5 (extremities of the human body, 5-pointed star, 5 fingers etc.). The 12th key in the 9th mystic meditation-session - and 3 persons: I, God Sof, and Feroniba and Darius. A circle is closed. Darius was at the beginning and is at the end - Feroniba gives the form - and I am the content. Feroniba is my prophet - to him I give the word and the rules. Darius is my heart - to him I give love and compassion. The angels Gabriel and Amadeus help to manifest and accomplish the great vision on all occasions.
What is the great vision? What is the 12? It is omnipotence on earth - created through the unification of the souls, angels and God. The center of the earth connects with its highest points again (Chimborazo, Mount Everest etc.) and blesses all of humanity (end page 124) through the pure love of the Terasof-community. The 64 gates to divinity are invited in perfect love, and infinitely more. My voice resounds through all mouths of the pure heart, and my works take shape through all hands in pure love. The Terasof-centers on earth make up the spaceship which we revealed to Feroniba in his dream: Centers which manifest the paradise of God on earth, cleansing all those seriously striving in perfect love, thus preparing and qualifying them again for the entrance into the eternal infinite realm of God. The cycle of incarnations and repetition(s) of all kind is thusly ended and the soul is free again - just as it was originally before entering the material, conditional world. This freedom, dear people present (attending) in the moment and the future, (end page 125) we gift today and always to all souls of the pure(,) reformed heart. You are today, while reading this text, witness of the manifestation of the omnipotence and all-love of God on earth - and I am God Sof, one of the 64 (and infinitely more) gates to divinity itself. The proof which I give you on todays date is my prophet, Feroniba. Speak with or meet him today, and he will bless you with the freedom of your omnipotent and all-loving soul - once and forever. Trust me, and trust him. In my omnipotent all-love, your God Sof ♡♡♡ (right hand with 7 rays) End 21:07 ♡♡♡

Jyoti - MASAKI - Эту - Angel saves life teleportation ~Amazing!~ - The Wondrous World of Chi Power - Cancer Healing In China Have fun :-)

8.2 - Translation AY - 15/Dez/15 - 23:30 - 00:10 = 40min (Estimated time of work: 1h)
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Chapter 3 - A new passage and new mediums - contact with the sun, the earth and the planetary system

Deutscher Originaltext

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MD 30 (M 10) - Sun 2015-10-18 London 13:13-15:07 ♡
(13:20) G: Hello my dear Feroniba. We (God, angels, masters and helpers) are very pleased with you. Summarize the contents at the end of each book and explain them for practice. Comparisons with further texts are not (no longer) necessary for this. Today we begin a new passage: the contents receive new aspects in the form of stories, metaphors, allegories, symbols and mystical formulas and formulations - materials, colours and forms are added.

We begin with the sun, the planets and further celestial bodies and objects in outer space. In meditation and visualization we approach the object, surround it fully and thusly incorporate it (end page 128) and then permeate it through and through - similar to how we injest and digest nourishment, with the difference that the object is thereby not (materially) touched, destroyed or decomposed.
The sun is now in you and you permeate it fully. Now you add, one by one, the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn etc. and all of their moons and further celestial bodies of the planetary system. Visualize how your body forms and expands into a globe (ball), so that the planetary system with all its celestial bodies and objects comfortably has space within it. Now feel that you really entirely surround and permeate it with your body - only you alone - and switch off every other influence besides God, angels, masters and helpers. Immerse yourself in quietness until you have entierly made the reality of this vision your own - as though you were dreaming it and thereby experience it as undoubted reality. Take your time and relax fully. As you can see you now have direct personal contact with all (end page 129) all truly those truly responsible and helpers, and that is all that is to be done: you don't have to relieve (supersede) them and take over their service or their knowledge, but only establish the exchange. And now exchange yourself with the sun-personality.
FO: Hello Sun, Sun-god, sun-personality, incumbent person in charge of responsibility for the sun among God, angels, masters and helpers.
Sun (14:18): Hello Feroniba ♡ I wholeheartedly greet you with my helper-team (the sun shines onto FOs face through scattered clouds ♡♡♡). We, just as all other teams of the celestial bodies of the universe are of pure heart, redeemed and in perfect mystical (hidden) contact with divinity, 24/7. We have aqcuired our position, just as you are currently doing with your team on earth. Our freedom is no longer limited. A boundary (limitation) between us and the eternal realm of God (paradise) does not exist for us anymore - We are no longer (end page 130) location- and time-bound. This I teach you and your group today. The center of the earth is thus reached. The contact to earth-responsible personalities (personalities responsible for the earth) is established. I commend you to the exchange with the earth and I and we bid farewell for the moment. You carry our love with full awareness from today on ♡ You sun and its team ♡♡♡ (See also TB 12.4 Visit at the central-sun-personality)
FO: Hello dear earth, earth-personality.
Earth (14:32): Hello my dear Feroniba and hello to the team. We can talk with eachother when ever you want it. I confirm the assertions of the sun-team. Welcome! ♡♡♡
FO: Dear earth, why do you allow sentient (feeling) beings to suffer?
Earth: We are all servants of God, just like you and your team. Just as you make an effort to save everyone from all suffering, we do the same. Mostly the suffering which seemingly exists isn't felt as suffering, like under narcosis (anesthesia). The moments that remain serve a higher cause, which you can (end page 131) discuss only with the divinity itself and with its team - similar to how you discuss the ailment with the doctor and not with the causer (perpetrator).
FO: Can I also meet, see and recognize you, like a person on earth or similar?
Earth: That is not necessary, but possible, later after the necessary initiation. For now the word earth is sufficient in all languages with the meaning 'earth-planet' in order to establish the contact on the basis of the pure or purified heart. However, through your initiations you are destined for the contact with God and his team. My wholehearted and deep congratulations for this. I commend you and I and my team bid farewell at this point ♡♡♡
FO: Thank you my dear God, Sof, for this lesson ♡♡♡ That is wonderful and full of joy and ecstasy - to know that all celestial bodie-teams are of pure heart ♡♡♡ And that no one causes another harm, and that the remaining suffering is to be discussed with you. (End page 132)
G: (14:52) We have begun the joint journey of the real visions and meditations with you and your team. That is revolutionary ♡ You know it ♡♡♡ You have my blessing and my protection. No one need be afraid or ashamed. You are my prophet. There is nothing bad about that, as you are pure of heart and all your actions are a testimony to it. Your team is trying, with best effort and in all conscience, to purify the heart and eventually accede the respective service in accordance with the deepest hearts-desires with a purified heart. Why should one feel bad because of this? The prophet is nothing other than the chief (leader) of the group, just as the president of the state or the company - only that here the contact with God, the angels, masters and helpers is the driving force or energy - and "prophet" says all this in one word to everyone. You are my prophet, Feroniba, and I am your and all of your God, Sof. I welcome (end page 133) Samirotis. She can change the name to her hearts desire, in collusion with you and me. Also publicize the dreams and visions regarding this from today. In love, your God Sof ♡♡♡ (right hand with 7 rays) End 15:07

DRs (dreams) and visions from this morning, London 8:45 WR (write)

DR WR Sun 2015-10-18 London 8:45 (through Samirotis' presence FO experiences an amplification (strenghtening) of the meditative strength + deeper concentration during the day + maintaining of the meditative consciousness) -

Mystic with accompanying helper constantly physically morphs 24/7 publically - Analysis FO + Samirotis etc. ♡ - Mystic manifests all images and all means ♡
For example he dismounts an 800kg heavy chocolate-logo made of real chocolate at night in the shop while workers are doing services - when the police is called because of a different case he disappears and appears etc. (As they want to grab him he becomes smaller and smaller while slowly walking away, and when they want to take ahold of him there is only clothes left lying on the floor - then he suddenly appears elsewhere and keeps walking etc.) -
FO currently also has visions of the mystic morphing in waking consciousness (while awake) 24/7 - for example the manifestation of a big dough -> The twins (Moses and Sofie) are eating pizza from it ♡ - The woman speaks english (Samirotis), does not want to rent a house or move to a different one, but wants to buy her own house ♡ Fo flies through London ♡ - Repetition of Gods or Sofs name ♡ That way every image is always Sof-relevant (related) ♡ This FO was missing from the mystic :-)

8.3 - Translation - 15/Dez/15 - 00:15 - 01:45 = 1h30min (Estimated time of work: 2h)

Chapter 4 - History and truth - the 13th key

Deutscher Originaltext

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Listen to "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 32 (M 11) - Mon 2015-10-19 London 12:01-14:14 ♡♡♡
FO: (12:08) Hello my dear God, Sof ♡♡♡ Many thanks for yesterdays explanations to the word "prophet" and to its use ♡♡♡ it has dissolved all my unease of the past days (since G uses the word for FO) ♡ May I (end page 134) ask questions today?
G: Hello my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ Of course you can - you can always ask questions.
FO: I always regretted not asking (the angel) Gabriel questions regarding his dissolution of the AUM-group in 2001, even if I was recently praised for my actions back then - hence I preferably always ask questions when they arise. Our journey yesterday to the sun and the earth seems a little like an invention to me, like a metaphor or something similar - partially. But I am at the same time capable of believing it as an experience and truth, like the morphing-mystic-dream from the previous evening while I dreamed it.
G: Truths often serve as simultaneously as allegories or metaphors. From our perspective a story 'invented' from a pure heart(,) which leads to the truth(,) closer to the truth than a 'lived' or experienced occurrence which does so to a lesser extent. Thus visions and dreams are often a suitable forum for leading to the truth. Your dream of the morphing-mystic (end page 135) is an example. Today I give you a further one:

God appears to a seeker in a dream or in a vision during the day and says: "Come, my dear seeker, let us go to paradise". The seeker, who recognizes God as God, the almighty and all-loving, free of all doubts, follows him into paradise. From there, now again eternally connected with God and by his side, out of his regained omnipotence, he now contacts all beings which would (or could) miss him - as if he had not left his body and his planet (in the first place) - he thus manifests himself like your morphing-mystic. In this way he explains the story of God and of paradise to everyone and invites to it.

As you can see this is more or less our story, with several additional mental and physical experiences. You have no doubts about truth of this story - for you it is absolutely true, although you cannot yet transform, (end page 136) manifest and de-manifest your body at will like the morphing-mystic. You live this truth perfectly on the mental plain and physically as far as it's possible for you, and everyone who wants to is initiated by you to likewise, with all your assistance if necessary, do so.
This story is very short, but your truth, and the truth of everyone who wants to follow you in it. Everything changes through it, the whole of life, all decisions and actions, all perceptions, contacts, the whole life-story and everything which one brings forth or manifests from now on. In your case the story is true, you have experienced it. For outsiders it is only a story so far - but if they can learn from it how they (can) also experience it, it will likewise be true for them from then on. Whether the story is based on an experienced truth or not, that makes no difference - important (crucial) is whether or not it leads to an experienced truth, and in the end only the experienced truth (end page 137) counts.
FO: Because I trust you, out of my experienced truth, I also trust your guidance to the planets, the sun and the earth. It seems as true to me personally as all m experienced truths with you, the angels, masters and helpers - however the basis of my trust in you is everything previously experienced.
G: The experienced truth which you win from our journey to the planets counts - everything else is unimportant - a story or truth which leads to an experienced truth is equally good and effective and vice versa (not good when it does not do that).
FO: Nevertheless I would still like to know if it's true with the planets or not.
G: Then stay tuned and you will come to know. However, at this point I recommend you to focus on other subjects. For example on this melody (D Lydian): (13:36)

(13:52) Or on this symbol: (Center in the circle)

Engross yourself in the sense (meaning) of both try further clarifying and deepening their meaning through variations (that is FOs homework - coming soon here :-). I wrote a book for you - now we write a second one ♡♡♡ Yo no longer ask yourself the question whether I am a truth or a story anymore(,) - but others can pose (ask) it - for you have experienced me for yourself, but others not yet.

Every experience can always be deepend - infinitely ♡♡♡ and a story is also an experience - a small one :-) (Smiley)

Here you have the 13th key of pure perfected mysticism - presented by me, God Sof, to you, Feroniba, my prophet ♡♡♡ 139 (the page-number) - God (1) Sof (1 + 3 = 4) in his full abundance (9)(.) (1 + 3 + 9 = 4 ♡♡♡).
My love to all of you ♡♡♡ Your God Sof ♡♡♡ (right hand with seven rays) End 14:13 = 5 (perfected human) 4 (Sof) = 9 (God in full abundance ♡♡♡) End 14:14 ♡

8.4 Translation - 11/Dez/15 - 01:30 - 03:00 = 1h30min (Estimated time of work: 2h)
FO Sat 2015-12-12 2:25 TB 8.4 English upload + formatting + pics ♡♡♡ - end 2:50

Chapter 5 - The soul-name - the 14th key

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

MD 34 ((M 12)) (= 7) - Tue 2015-10-20 London 14:20-15:55 (both times = 7, 7 + 7 = 14 = 5 ♡♡♡ - 7 Chakras of the immaculate human = 5, da Chakra 1, 2 and 7 joint into one = 5 Chakras like 5 fingers, thumbs = 1, God ♡♡♡)
G: My dear Feroniba, greetings to you and our fans :-) ♡♡♡ (♡♡♡ means heart with seven rays) (right hand with seven rays) You have my blessing ♡♡♡ Many thanks to Ayven for the wonderful translation!

We like the name Ayven well - every name can be changed at any time. We will speak about a name suggestion for Ayven later - he shall prepare all heart-syllables and combinations for it, just as we would like to invite all earnest seekers to do.

The relation of the name to the soul-personality and its essence through mind and body forms the 14th key of the pure immaculate mysticism and sublimely connects their sound, their meaning and their form with the divinity and its helpers - it simultaneously symbolizes the pure soul-relation to the current group-members.

Name and group can alter at all times - there is no 'officially certified' bond, never the less a divine one. The love of god flows to (end page 141) all equally in an abundant manner. This can only be manifested through the personal group - if this happens 24/7 the group is stable and delivers the whole range of the mystic works in perfection.


The prophet - Feroniba in our case - is the guarantor - similar to the bee - or ant queen being the guarantor for the beehive or ant hill. Out of the group emerge additional guarantors - queens or prophets - who ideally also co-exist.

The syllables and successions (syllables, words) require no meaning in relation to already existing languages and cultures - yet it is always related to a life-image, a symbol etc., similar to the numerals in the number mysticism or numerology. Not unlike the meaning of the life-images - the events of the day, of dreams or visions - can constantly be explored and elaborated upon in more depth, so it holds with the soul-name, which arises through the group-connection.

We offer a few connotation-examples:
Feroniba - Ferro, iron, stable and resiliant, viable - eron, Eros, the god of love - ron, Rhone, city in India, rivers in Switzerland, France etc. - on, as in on as opposed to off etc., one, French for man, oni, Japanese mystical being, ruler of Ife, city in Georgia - iba, different cities, Arabic for self, sense, pride - Feron Arabic for baker, maker -Feron iba Arabic for self-maker, self-realizer ♡♡♡ :-) (G requested FO to elaborate on this here).

Feronibas name was given to him by us - initially "Ferroniba The Goldsmith" as the title of the at the time 2. volume of our channelings with him.

The personal connection of the name and the soul-personality occurred slightly later. We gave Feroniba poems, stories, psychological and religiously philosophical disquisitions, compositions, playwrite and script ideas, images, visions, dreams, helpers, resources, critical counsel and much more.
All this and always infinitely more is the meaning of Feroniba ♡♡♡ the goldsmith ♡♡♡ (right hand with seven rays) The prophet.
And today, all are invited to receive all this and infinitely more - through our prophet, through masters (64 and infinitely more) and (end page 143) angels, and through me, your god and Sof ♡♡♡ in immaculate all-lovingness and omnipotence, your god Sof ♡♡♡ End 15:55 ♡♡♡
FO bows before Sof and kisses his hands and feet, then FO and Sof embrace one another ♡♡♡ (the current page number is 144 - 1 God, 4 Sof, 4 + 4 = 8 Omnipotence, 1 + 4 + 4 = God in full abundance ♡♡♡)
(The date 2015-10-20, as FO always writes it, is symmetrical: 20 - 20, 1 - 1, 5 - without zeros, meaning only the counting figures 21512 - 22 = 4 Sof, 1 God, 1 + 5 + 1 = 7 Chakras, in perfection 5, Chakras 1 + 2 + 7 connected ♡♡♡)

Text missing

Chapter 6 - The dot in the circle - all means in accordance with the divinity - the 15th key

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

MD 36 (M 13) - Wed 2015-10-21 London 8:33-9:35 and 11:29-14:11
Incense Frankincense ♡♡♡ (9:04) FO is in the spaceship in paradise - the paradise pillar levitating high ♡ Entrance into healing-portal ♡♡♡ People who visualize G, angels and masters are present, like customers or patients. Some are healers or doctors appealing for their pa- (End page 145)tients- others for family members or friends etc.- and some appeal for themselves. FO organizes helpers who temporarily - for the moment - appease or alleviate scarcity-mindset through divine all-lovingness and omnipotence. The incurable are asked to conversation or meeting with their masters, angels or G. Other helpers teach the practice of the consistent abundance in divine all-lovingness and omnipotence. Graduates receive personal tasks according to their individual nature, which can only be accomplished through steady divine fulfillment. The basis for this are the Terasof books and further books regarding the 64 gate-ways to the divinity as well as infinitely more. G is personally connected to all and always recognizable, personally present and accessible to all present. - though most are booked out and occupied with Gs helpers. Multiple Dimensions are accessible through the mysticism-portal, but not through (End Page 146) the healing-portal. G takes FO by the hand and takes him to the mysticism portal.
G: Take GA (FOs son Gabriel) to the physiotherapist and return to the MD afterwards - I await you ♡♡♡ See you soon ♡♡♡ (FO thanks and leaves ♡) 9:35 GA to the physiotherapist, receives schedule for foot exercises etc. ♡) 11:29 MD Continuation ♡
G: (11:41) Disengagement (from material things and topics susceptible to lack) and the application of all means (between freedom and state of law - quote AM ♡) towards the manifestation of all-lovingness and omnipotence always constitute the foundation of the pure immaculate mysticism. Lust (attraction to material things and topics), discomfort and anger (rage) are entirely restrained through the constant exchange with God, angels, masters and helpers, and only serve in the context of life-images in immaculate harmony with the divinity.

We begin today with our first mystical journey. This journey and adventure-experience also serves as subject-matter for our mysticism-students. All ap(End Page 147)plicable means (between freedom and state of law - AM) are absolutely equivalent, applicable on the same plane - like objects on one plane (cutting-board, table etc.), neutral - we can call it the zero--potential. In contact with the life-images in accordance with God, angels, masters and helpers, the specifically applicable means -ideally all means- occasionally gain a positive or negative potential. They gain conducive or obstructive, harmful attributes. All means are applicable, in constant collaboration with God, angels, masters and helpers, multi-dimensionally, simultaneously and in varied degrees. Various unknown or even unimaginable combinations operate in a mystical manner, unbeknownst to the current majority of humans on earth - inexplicable for onlookers (the uninitiated) - and are therefor often felt and experienced as implausible, dubious, unscientific or even unreal. Although the application of diplomacy and tricks of all sorts (End Page 148) in accordance with the divinity is possible and sometimes necessary, the pure immaculate mystic will at all times distance himself from it, unless the divinity explicitly demands and justifies it without leaving any doubt whatsoever.
In the case of a struggle against injustice, wrongdoing and oppression - and therefor for the manifestation of the divinity - the application of extreme means such as diplomacy, fraud or violence is in some cases unavoidable - for example in the case of a violently and fraudulently oppressive dictatorship, institution, company or person etc. The notion that these means should ideally be avoided completely is a false doctrine and solely serves its inventors and propagators in order to weaken and minimize the resolve against their own power and in order to more easily defeat those who have seen through it. A morally-ethical, logically-sensible or philosophically-religious basis for this is non-existent, unless it is false or simply (End Page 149) invented and circulated for diplomatic reasons. And herein lies hidden the 15th key of the pure immaculate mysticism (Page 150 = 15 ♡ - The symbol, Dot in the Circle, which God gave as homework in M 11, was, among other things, a preview of this 15th key of M 13 ♡♡♡ - FO just now realizes this 18:16):

There are no restrictions in the application of all conducive means in accordance with the divinity and its helpers, unless they are, limited by the respective state or the environment and direct surrounding, demanded and to be considered. (At this pint G requests FO to invoke counter-examples and misdirections - homework soon to appear here).

The frog croaks - the snake finds and devours it. Herein lies a great treasure: This truth connects the people with good intentions, who have been separated by the oppressors. The false doctrine yields - the truth becomes manifest (is victorious).

I have brought a glass for you - drink it and leave it here, but full (quote AM ♡♡♡).
I bless you and our mysticism-students of the moment and the future in my omnipotent all-lovingness. (End Page 150)

You are born to illusion and time

Now be delivered in truth and infinite dimensions

Your God Sof ♡♡♡ (right hand with 7 rays) End 14:11
FO bows and embraces Sof ♡♡♡ - WR M 13 ♡♡♡ - 15:25 color formatting etc. - 16:00-16:45 shield pic + WA TS + Ayven ♡ - Have fun :-)

Chapter 7 - Love, the driving force and glorious mistress ♡♡♡ - Om Aum Amen - the 16th key

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

MD 38 (M 14) - Thu 2015-10-22 London 9:42-11:39 Incense Shyam Deluxe ♡

(9:46) Start ♡ (9:53) FO: Hello (End page151) my dear God, Sof ♡♡♡ I would like to say (and write to all) that I have always carried the ideal of absolute non-violence within myself, planning to realise it. However, I have been in your service with the application of violence in form of strictness via confrontation since Gabriele's appearance in 1986. I am at peace with this and very happy and grateful to have had all the (my) attainments and realizations in this manner, which it seems would other ways not have been possible, neither for me nor all other participants. A state without a penal system, police, prison and an army does not seem to be feasible - just like institutions, firms, and families without discipline. I nevertheless always carry the ideal of the absolutely non-violent group on earth within me. Is this wrong - an error?
G: (10:03) Hello my dear Feroniba - greetings to you and the group, as well as all future readers ♡♡♡ This is most certainly an error with reference to the material sphere. The earth is in a bad state due to human kind - even if today there seems to be growing global liberation and freedom from oppression. Animals and microbes, plants and the material elements are engaged in rival struggle 27/7 - force and counter-force - resistance and compliance are the primal forces of the material sphere, + and -, strong and weak. Hierarchy is the natural consequence - democracy is a delusion. The strongest or most resilient persons or creatures lead the world. The opposite is not harmony through unison on the material sphere, but paradise and the pure immaculate mysticism. Here the duality of the material looses it's base and power - contingency must yield when the love of god rules.

This is the 16th key of the pure immaculate mysticism ♡♡♡ Now you can see it:

A path is opened and love is the driving force and glorious mistress ♡♡♡

And my and our mandate to you: You are our prophet of Gods pure love on earth! We have given you everything - now you shall pass it on ♡♡♡


Ayven can become (be) our minister - as well as our heir, when he develops all qualities.
All our aspirants can become leaders and presidents. (Here) pure love is the only force. Torture, prison and death (killing) will not exist (here) - but certainly stringency, discipline and order. (10:56)

The symbol of peace is the white rose of purity and the wisdom of God - white attire is our vestment - all-natural and white cloths (and fabrics) symbolize disengagement from the world.

Candlelight and fire symbolize the eternal spiritual sphere of sublime abundance (absoluteness) of god and the countless souls. (FO takes photos as G asks him to ♡)
(11:09) Incense (or joss sticks) and fragrances are the symbol of (blooming) life - love-based philosophical speech, art- and media-performances are presentations the spirit of god (holy ghost) - vegetarianism and abstinence from drugs the principles of love, freedom and of peace ♡♡♡ (End Page 154) (154 = 1 God 5 perfected human 5 + 4 = 9 God in full abundance ♡♡♡ 4 Sof 1 + 5 + 4 = 1 God ♡♡♡)

My beloved Feroniba and beloved Terasof-community and friends, you have now, through our prophet, received the pure love and blessing of god in all its abundance - in the form of the two books (Terasof Books 7 & 8) which we now merge into one: (Terasof-heart with upwards circle for all-lovingness) Terasof (Terasof-heart with downward circle for omnipotence) 155 (the page-number) = 1 + 1. The strength and power of all-lovingness is immeasurable - Now use the scripture of the pure immaculate mysticism for the benefit of the whole world. Take your place of the love of your heart and live and radiate (spread) our message - the message of your God Sof, the angels and masters (64 gate-ways to the divinity and infinitely more ♡♡♡).

Give and receive (receive and maintain) everything. We protect and sustain you all ♡♡♡ In omnipotent all-lovingness, your God Sof ♡♡♡ (right hand with 7 rays) End 11:35 ♡♡♡
FO: G wants FO to announce here that G now wants him to write CMs (compositions) in MD instead of words ♡♡♡ And that Om, Aum and Amen is (will be) used for the invocation of God and for the connection of the group-members.

♥ OM ♥ AUM ♥ AMEN ♥

Amen, Aum, Om ♡♡♡ (End page 155) End 11:39 ♡♡♡ WR M 14 online ♡♡♡ 12:35 color + formatting ♡ (12:49) G wants the numeration of the pages ♡♡♡ 13:05 pics

End of Terasof Book 8

Continue with Terasof Book 9 - M 15 etc. :-) ♡♡♡


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