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Keys of Pure Perfected Mysticism

by God Sof and Feroniba

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English translations by Ayven ♡

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Chapter 1 - The first three keys of immaculate perfect mysticism:
Love without resistance - Suffering demands contact with god - The experience of being without material completeness, miracles as a gateway to god

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

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MD 8 - 2015-10-5 London 11:20-13:48 (M 1 = TB 7.1) ♡
(11:59) Hello my dear Feroniba, I am very pleased with your determination. So let us begin. First we will answer your questions.
Q 1: One could think you yourself are the inventor of these channelings, or that you are experiencing us as an apparent reality through the power of your own imagination with strong conviction.
A 1: I am G - GB and AM are angels - we appear to you in truth. You have no doubts of this, because we reveal ourselves to you often and so there is no room left for disbelief. Everyone who turns to us will likewise be convinced by our appearance without a remainder of doubt. Doubt and criticism are only carried by those who don't want to include us in their own life, thoughts and feelings, as they wish to allow and utilize the energy of separation and hate --- Streit ---, not the energy of PE (personal exchange), of love and healing through peaceful conciliation and connection. But herein lies a falsely spread error: The quarrelsome doubt and deny the existence and possibility of --- gods love --- in their lives and seem to be fighting it, but in truth they are nourished by it. The bottom line is that there is nothing to fear for love and god - resistance is impossible and only fictitiously existent. Falsely spread as "reality" by the quarrelsome, but without any true foundation. The peacocks tail possesses no real strength - in actuality the quarrelsome do not fight the loving, yet they maintain the facade, unless they find personal liking in love and it's attributes. In short: The struggle between good and evil, between love and hate is just a legend, an invention and fiction, not truth. It is thus attempted to put fear into the loving in order to manifest the field of conflict. Every true struggle is only ever a struggle of the quarrelsome, never of the loving. Every quarreler tries to present himself as "good" - but this does not make him so. What is there to quarrel with love? It gifts itself to all. Quarrel can only exist where separation is being lived. The quarreling nourish themselves where love lives - without the least necessity for quarrel. The least effort, the shortest path is always the first choice, and since love always gifts itself to all, intelligently and effectively, the path of least resistance is always given and manifest - therefor resistance cannot be, since quarrel would be the bigger effort and the longer path in order to arrive at the same destination. Here, therefor, the first key to immaculate and perfect mysticism:

Dare to love, under all circumstances, and fear no resistance. The quarrelsome are nourished by the loving, without resistance, without quarrel.

Q 2: You have a question concerning certain seemingly incurable illnesses, strokes of fate, injuries and death. A 2: I will now answer your question to your full satisfaction. All strokes of fate are significant symbols or words within the context of the language of god through life-images, dreams and visions. As such AM called your gallbladder surgery a trophy for god. The stroke of fate demands true contact with divinity, since the true meaning can only thus be revealed. Here lies the second key to immaculate mysticism.

All suffering in this world demands contact and exchange with god, the angels and masters and thereby turns into a gateway to divinity and to bliss, thus entirely transcended, only the pure love of immaculate mysticism remains.

Q & A 3: Your question to the mystic powers, magic and miracle healing, has a direct connection to sexuality, to the pleasure principle. Herein the desire for unrestricted material indulgence is the cause and must first be recognized and abandoned. The material sphere is built on illusion - it faints what it is not. Unrestricted material freedom would contradict the principle of illusion, since illusion is in and of itself built on lack. Illusion lacks reality, it is seeming, not being. The experience of being in the sphere of material matter requires no material completeness or abundance. Whether a little or allot of illusionary restriction makes no difference in the being-experience. Thus all strokes of fate, as well as apparent "miracles" and miracle healings are both identical and equally serve solely as a gateway to the divine - in both cases the meaning and significance is only revealed through exchange with divinity. That is the third key to true mysticism. ♡

We'll finish for now. You have my full blessing, Feroniba. You have fulfilled what most only pretend: you have forever reached the divine through the application of pure love. My love now fully immerses you. ♡♡♡ End 13:48

Chapter 2 - The fourth key: The temple of the loving, 64 gates to God

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

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MD 11 - 2015-10-7 London 18:55-19:27 (M 2 = TB 7.2)
(19:02) G: Dear Feroniba, your sadness about Jesus Christ (invention of the Flavian Romans (WP) - Caesars Messiah The Roman Conspiracy To Invent Jesus - Full Film - FO often has to cry for prolonged periods of time because of it) will, through the development of the new TS GR centered around our joint work, turn into deep love and affection in joy and comfort. The WR of the TBs and the new CMs is sufficient - you won't have to do anything else. Trust me. The concept of the work with the 64 gates to G is right and aperfect. This is the fourth key of pure perfected mysticism:

Build a temple of love and of the perfected exchange with divinity through the connection of the loving.

You now have everything necessary to start. I again confirm your decision of the two MDs and of celibacy - MD, PE and MP are currently sufficient and lead you directly to the goal. My biggest congratulations and blessing, my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ Your G ♡♡♡ End 19:27

Chapter 3 - The fifth key: Manifestation of the all-loving omnipotence of God

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

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MD 13 (= cross total 4) - Thu 2015-10-8 (M 3 = TB 7.3) (Date cross total 8-1-8 = 17 = 8 = 44) London (20 o'clock is 8pm = 44 ♡) 20:55-22:22 ♡♡♡ (Diary page 88 = 4444 ♡♡♡ - Blood levels insulin 17 day 17 night = 88 = 4444 ♡♡♡) TS Vision -> WR HP ♡ later ♡ (21:38) G leads FO through paradise, partly walking, partly standing, partly floating/flying ♡ infinite dimensions ♡ partly "movements" into other dimensions ♡
G: (21:42) (My) dear FO, you shall provide space and time for these experiences, in parables, convergences, equivalents. Teach them how they can experience this themselves and how they can lend you their support in the earth-dimensional manifestations and accede your succession if possible objectively not temporally. (End page 88, Start page 89 = 17 = 8 = 44 ♡) Herein lies the fifth key of pure perfected mysticism:

Pursue the path of the all-loving omnipotence of God through creating out of inner life. Experience omnipotence and all-love through meditation, vision and dream and lead your mind and your body in love and perfection for experiencing in space and time through your pure soul-work (-functioning). Your students and helpers, friends and admirers (fans) await your appearance (in their life) in order to take their place in your vision and mission and this way be able to experience and grasp your wisdom and realization in its full depth and glory for themselves and their fellows and thus be able to give the almighty love of God from their own hearts to the world.

I bless you and the TS-(change to P. 90 ♡)GR. In my almighty all-love ♡♡♡ Your G ♡♡♡

End 22:22 (= 44) ♡♡♡ Witness: Verena Hassani (signature with full name ♡♡♡ Haha ♡ FO wanted to take a photo of 22:22 on his iPhone, but didn't find the shutter release in time, so quickly to VE as witness ♡) - VE RP R crrently fastest runner in the world Usain Bolt (WP) ♡ wants to produce film about him :-) RP + R MD 13 ♡ End 23:05 WR MD 13 + Vision ♡♡♡

A little number-mysticism at this point:

4 is the number of God Sof, the name which God gave to FO in 2003 in order to call him, God, by it: S=19 O=15 F=6 = 31 = 4 --- likewise 4 is the number of manifestation, since 1, a point (dot), has no reference but to itself yet, 2 has an opposite and thereby also an in between, but only forms an infinitely small line, so still idea, only three points can build the area (surface), though still infinitely thin and therefor still ideational, not representable spacially materially, and only 4 points can build the first possible space or body in spacial constellation, the first form of manifestation or materialization.
8 is the number of mysticism, of omnipotence, eight, might, making, watch out (wordplay on the German phrase 'gib acht', which directly translated means 'give eight') Infinite is the lateral (horizontal) 8, also infinite power or omnipotence.
0 stands for God in the multidimensional state, materially unmanifestable or without material form, the orgin of space and time etc. - the smallest number which stands for God.
9 is the biggest number that stands for God in full manifestation, the greatest, the universe, infinity, all etc.
7 stands for the 7 chakras, 7 days, 7 planets etc. - symbolizes the perfection of the human, the realized (actualized), enlightened sage etc. - the perfected creation in 7 days, the cycle of the week as smallest perfection etc.
To 5 (reduction of the 7 chakras through connection of chakra 1 head and 2 forehead as well as chakra 6 sex and 7 kundalini tailbone last vertebra) thereby the 5-pointed star or also human in the star (head + 2 out-stretched arms + 2 legs), five fingers of one hand, why is 5+5=10 and what does 10 mean, meaning one and zero etc. etc., and to 6 (sexuality-Chakra) or also 2x3, meaning 3 on the higher plain, since 1+1 don't make 2 but more, meaning at least 3, meaning 1+1 = at least. 3 (Two beings have a child etc., 2 humans can be awake the whole day full-time shift 24/7, however, each on their own cannot etc.) more on a different occasion :-)

The diary pages and all numbers in the channeling show the synchronicity of this channeling with everything: start page 88 - then page 89 = 17 = 8 --- then from there to page 90 shows how it comes full circle: God in omnipotence in full, greatest material manifestation 9 connects with all dimensions 0 as 90 :-) etc. etc. etc. :-))) ♡♡♡

Every illustrative depiction of mysticism is always only a tiny part of an infinitely possible immersion of the subject - likewise any and all subjects can be infinitely immersed, for example question such as "who am I" or "how does the universe work" (macrocosm) or the atomic plain (microcosm) or "who or how is God" etc. etc., but also "why is 1+1=2" etc. etc. :-) Socrates: "I know that I know nothing" (since a limited knowledge opposite to an infinite knowledge always equals zero --- lim x -> infnite = 0) ... How terrible would it be if the question "who am I" or "who or what is someone or something else" or "who is God" a at some point had a graspable answer - from that moment we would be finished with ourselves, with someone or something else or with God - done, boring, over - how terrible would that be!!! Luckily God is and always was infinite and thus unfathomable and will always remain so ♡ an endless striving and experiencing in joy, perfection and limitlessness, and nevertheless it always stays unlimited and unfathomable, precisely without end :-) ♡♡♡ Ever thought about that? Have fun :-)

And also to Jesus Christ:

If the thing with the invention of the Flavian Romans is true, which at least until now seems very likely to me, then Copernicus let the sun revolve around the earth again, Galilei made the earth round again, Einstein made space and time relative again, and Joseph Atwill (Caesar's Messiah - The Roman Conspiracy To Invent Jesus - Full Film) made Christianity into what it seems to have been forever: only a fairytail, an invention of the Flavian Romans. Hmm ... :-( But don't hang your head right away, because on we go with God and the universe :-) ♡♡♡ Or did someone refute that already as well ... Maybe Sam Harris - "Believing the unbelievable"? Don't forget: Always have... well at least always try to have fun :-))))

* * * * * * *

Vision from M3 (MD 13) ♡

Sketches in bullet points:
Sum of previous visions: Land in Richmond - 24/7 children-group with hotel, first caravans or houses when already existing on land, then new buildings, park, childrens-paradise, organic-shop with additional branches in Richmond and London etc. - house-ship start build-up in London - similar buildup for Leipzig and Berlin etc. - performance room for CCs etc. - buildup of a classical orchestra with choir gradually through CM for soloists, chamber-musicians etc. - 9-Tone CM without free- or atonal elemnts, without Jazz/Pop etc. - application gradually through preparing perfect studies in addition to AE, DJing, electric and electronic instruments and Software etc. - ...

New vision in addition to this from M 3 (MD 13): ... (coming soon here - sorry, FO has to take a break sometime as well ... End 2:45 London time :-)

7.2 & 7.3 Translation - 04/Dez/15 - 01:35 - 03:20 = 1h45min (Estimated time of work: 2h)
FO Mon 2015-12-7 21:45 TB 7 complete formatting new 23:00-23:55 TB 7.2 + 7.3 English upload + formatting ♡♡♡

Chapter 4 - Keys six and seven: Inclination and manifestation through PE (personal exchange) ♡

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for his wonderful English translations - well done! ♡♡♡

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MD 15 - Fri 2015-10-9 London 11:22-12:35 (M 4 = TB 7.4) ♡♡♡
(11:46) G: Hello my dear Feroniba ♡ Our subject today is tendency.

Inclinations seem to develop based on the respective circumstances. On the plain of pure soul-activity there is - as opposed to on the plain of mind and body - no disinclination. Here every given thing is always filled with personal energy - a purely energetic substance does not exist in truth, it only seemingly exists on the material plain of the mind and the body. Through perfected MD the pure soul-plain is exclusively experiencable again, without conditionality by mind and body.

This is the sixth key of pure perfected mysticism. Experience, will, decision and acting movement solely arise through the PE of the circumstances without disinclination. Every soul, as well as angels and God, is experienced as a circumstance by itself and all further participants. The PE of all participants then leads to the constellation of acting movements of each participant through the recognition and experiencing of the various inclinations. Disinclination, loss and grief cannot exist on the eternal pure soul-plain - the seemingly gradual emergence of fear on the mind- and body-plain is not possible here - fear only ever exists gradually when mind and body are being allowed as seeming reality. The perfected MD exclusively exists on the pure soul-plain without seeming matter. Conditionalities don't exist here, but inclinations of various colorations and intensities (intensity) do.
And here (now also) the seventh key of pure perfected mysticism:

Everything which is beheld and decided through the will of the respective participants on the pure soul-plain through the various colorations and intensities of the inclinations through the PE of all respective participants - free of the conditionality through mind, body and matter - becomes manifest, also on the material plain of mind and body, which can only act like an exaclty following shadow to the decision of the soul-plain. A seeming resistance only ever arises when, through material conditionality of mind and body, participants have been distortedly, falsely or not at all perceived.

You have my blessing to exchange these first seven keys among the eG-members and in your own close personal circle. In all love, your G ♡♡♡ End 12:35 ♡♡♡

Sam Harris: End of Faith - Wooow!!!! Sam I love you ♡♡♡ You are my greatest hero! ♡♡♡ HR while WR G 4 ♡♡♡

Translation coming in the next days by Ayven ♡

Chapter 5 - The eighth key: The blessing-power

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for his wonderful English translations - well done! ♡♡♡

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MD 17 - Sat 2015-10-10 London 11:36-13:14 (M 5 = TB 7.5) (13:13 :-) ♡ FO (Feroniba) has yesterdays vision again, of forming spiritual work-groups to various subjects, for example the particular keys etc. (11:50) Hello my dear G (Gott) ♡♡♡ I have, after all our meetings of the last times, acquired a natural emotional ease in dealing with you, like previously with GB (angel Gabriel), AM (angel Amadeus) and SF (Sof, an angel and name of God) ♡ For this I thank you very much ♡♡♡ Dialogue is a splendid form of exchange with you, likewise when you incorporate my questions and images into your monologue. The joint travels through the images, spheres and dimensions are also ecstatic and have my full attention and emotional openness. You have won my whole unfettered trust ♡♡♡ And the synchronicity of the symbols, numbers and images is also fascinating and inebriating and engrosses the scientific depth of our work ♡ I am always anew 100% eager as to what we will experience together in the MD during the day as well as during the night and in DR (dream, dreams) ♡♡♡
G: (12:01) Accept (receive) my blessing, my dear Feroniba ♡ the blessing-power plays a big part for the gradual unfolding of the soul-power on the mental and physical plain. It is also the causal force in forgiveness, healing and the correction and aversion of fate or karma. The loss of blessing-bower, solely based on self-created karmic actions, is the sole cause of all lack, as well as of egoism and atheism. Reversedly the experience of blessing-power leads back to joy and freedom, love and religiosity. A division between "good" and "evil" does not exist in truth, but only a gradual opening or closing for the permanently flowing blessing-power, which is always available to all souls to the perfected extent, like the sun always shines for all in to the same extent without differentiating. This is the eight key of pure perfected mysticism.
(12:25) The perfected opening for the blessing-power is gradually easily realizable. The answering of all questions through the exchange with the 64 gates to divinity and the consolidation of the living-principles 24/7 unfold the soul-power in mind and body to full blossom (the full extent), which the divinity always embraces with perfected love of the heart and which is therefore always entirely fulfilled by the pure blessing-power of God. Thusly perceived, the material world, the material universe is only a small playground exclusively for the playing with the seemingly joyful-sad gradual experience of opening and closing oneself to the blessing-power of God. Why blessing? The material plain consists of seeming lack of perfection and requires the outward, outwardly attained blessing-power, which, out of it's lack-principle, it cannot bring forth or create out of itself. Breathing in- and out of blessing-power - accpeting and rejecting, a coming and going like the waves on the beach. However, once a perfected opening is reached, all obstacles are forever overcome. The loving is always entirely fulfilled by the blessing-power, and through his love he blesses all who open themsellves to his love. This is my blessing for you, Feroniba, and for all who open themselves for us from the heart. In all love, your G ♡♡♡ End 13:14 (almost 13:13 = 44♡♡♡ - so already 13:13 while writing the last sentence - so of the blessing - logical? ♡♡♡)

7.4 & 7.5 - Translation - 14/Dez/15 - 22:20 - 23:45 = 1h25min (Estimated time of work: 2h)

Chapter 6 - The ninth key: Longing and the 10 commandments of God for Feroniba and the Terasof-community

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for his wonderful English translations - well done! ♡♡♡

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MD 19 - Sun 2015-10-11 London 16:29-18:38 (M 6 = TB 7.6)
(16:29) Hello my dear Feroniba ♡ I am very pleased that you are holding on to the two daily meditations and appear regularly. My big praise for that ♡♡♡
Today we want to engross the subjects of longing and orientation (end page 99 in the diary :-). Longing arises from lack or from the worry about possibly emerging lack. The striving for orientation is the search for the fullness or safety, which eliminates lack or does not let it emerge again. The experience of lack-consciousness is sufficient to feel longing and to strive for orientation, even when the lack is not yet specifically recognizable or tangible. Here mind and body offer feigned solutions, seeming fulfillment, solace through distraction or replacement, or repression through supression or numbing (drugs etc.) etc. The counsel by other people is also mostly mind- and body- driven. However, the sincere observer can always exactly recognize that all this cannot fulfill or soothe and heal the longing striving for fulfillment. What's missing is the abundance or fulfillment corresponding to the lack. Every lack offers the opportunity to (exactly) (end page 100) recognize and grasp it, as well as the possibility to reach and to effect its fulfillment through feeling (intuitive), anticipating (mental) and finally beholding and finding the right orientation of the specific alignment with the fulfilling goal. Simple examples for this are given to us by mind and body through the experience and the therefrom resulting handling of hunger or appetite, tiredness, illness or pain, as well as desires (cravings) of all kind(s) and so on and so forth. Thus one says "I long so much" for this or that.
However, today we do not speak of the concerns of body and mind, but about the longing which can find no equivalence or fulfillment on the material physical- and mental plain - the longing for eternal comfort (safety) and fulfillment through joy and satisfaction, free of all lacks of this (material) world - an abundance which never more runs dry and which eternally lasts for everyone. I am this abundance, my dear Feroniba ♡ I know, you are aware of this. But brace yourself for a surprise today, my dear Feroniba. For here is the catch: the idea of divinity is not divinity itself! Today you can grasp me, in full abundance (G shows FO the complex revelation of the afore said as a multiple vision ♡♡♡ Which can at any time be elaborated/explained by FO, though it is very complex - but clearly depictable ♡♡♡)! Now you see: I have surprised you :-) What you have thought sofar was not so! Why? We already explained it: it was an assertion of the mind and of the body, a speculation, a false teaching, without connection to the origin, to me. In me al is eternal, without beginning and without end, and everything is eternally ensouled, full of life and individual, personal: you, me, everything ♡♡♡

And here lies hidden the ninth (end page 102) key of pure perfected mysticism:

How do we get to the true abundance, to me, God, and not only to the idea or the mental ideal of God - no, but to the divinity in all its abundance - soul-mental-spiritual as well as phyical-mental-material? The answer is the salvation (deliverance) of all fate, the fulfillment of every lack, and the victory of eternal joy over all seeming suffering of this (material) world. And here now for you, my dear Feroniba - only for you alone - the answer in its full abundance and glory, to be given away through you to the whole world:

Commandments 1-10    >>> here to Commandments 11-20

1. Feroniba is our prophet of pure perfected mysticism for the world in order to teach (mysticism and the world), initiate and lead it to the perfection of its sou-personality - he has our full blessing and our full confidence and deserves the trust of the whole world. (From TB 6.3 from the 25.10.2015 13:27 ♡♡♡)

(The old commandment read: Keep celibacy, unless I command you otherways.) (God Sof dissolves celibacy for FO and the world in TB 9 Chapter 2 - who would have thought! And in TB 9.3 G gives the new 1st commandment to be exchanged :-)

2. Love everyone - whether "good" or "evil", friend or foe - construe the image and act according to it with all necessary means.

3. Appear twice daily for meditation - in the mornings and in the evenings. (End S. 103 = 4 ♡♡♡)

4. Publicize all our conversations which I instruct to you for publication to all people.

5. Always have an exact book-keeping of all events and data compiled and offer it for everyones acces - with few exceptions which we will always explain and justify to everyones satisfaction.

6. Explain the visions which I show and reveal to you to everyone, if he/she confides in you in pure love.

7. Invite all people, 24/7, without special requirements, and create a place for them with (the) help of the group-members which they can take forever - with this I mean: determine their activity (occupation) in the course of time and of the circumstances in perfected love and deference (dignity).

8. Demand pure love from everyone - those who offend must leave.

9. Forgive everyone who asks for it, if he/she recognizes and regrets their offense and no longer (end page 104) commits it.

10. Always observe the respective state-laws. (18:30)

>>> continued to Commandments 11-20

These are, my dear Feroniba, my ten commandments for you, and through you for the whole world. And here is my promise to you and to all who follow us in pure love: I, your and all of your God, love you for all times. I protect you and all of you, and you will never more have lack of anything. This I promise you and all of you. In all-love, yours and all of yours God ♡♡♡ (18:35) (FO bows before God and kisses his feet and his hands from the bottom of his heart in love and with tears of joy.) FO: I love you, my dear, dear God ♡♡♡ End 18:38 ♡♡♡

7.6 - Translation - 14/Dez/15 - 01:20 - 02:35 = 1h15min (Estimated time of work 1h)

Chapter 7 - The tenth key: Love and trust - the prophet

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for his wonderful English translations - well done! ♡♡♡

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MD 21 - Mon 2015-10-11 London 11:15-12:48 (M 7 = TB 7) - B + G gives FO todays title for the first time: Trust and (faith,) love (and sentiment) ♡
(11:29) G: Hello my dear Feroniba ♡ Our subject today is love and trust. Free of sham, dimplomacy and fraud, love and trust become manifest. As long as possible doubts as to the purity and therefore the absence of sham , diplomacy and fraud still exist, the Existieren noch mögliche Zweifel bezüglich der Reinheit und somit der Freiheit von Schein, Diplomatie und Betrug, the ensouled beings are only capable of belief (faith) and senitment (end diary page 106). Therefore let us define love and trust as stable and pure, and belief (faith) and sentiment as unstable and impure, since open to attack and distress by possible doubts. And here lies hidden our 10th key of pure perfected mysticism - the master-key, the picklock for all locks of the conditioned world:

Love and trust are manifest (again) where all (still possible) doubts are forever overcome. This (the sun shines through the clouds for the first time ♡♡♡) this can happen solely through ones own experience of the restoration of ones own eternal and unconditional exchange with me, the God of the eternal unconditional infinity. Every soul own this connection to me in perfection beyond all dimensions, without beginning and without end. In the conditional material sphere it is seemingly partially covered up by illusionary obscuration (darkness), and the thusly created possible doubt gradually seemingly conditiones and distorts the pure unshakable love and full trust (end page 107) to the false, illusionary perception of sentiment and belief (faith), appearing in steps (increments). This understannding, my dear and beloved Feroniba, is the true and only key to every heart and to the recognition of the eternally immanent pure love in perfected trust of me, your God, of all souls covered by illusion - and you are my prophet. Do you want to be my prophet?
(12:33) FO: My infintely beloved God, wholeheartedly and in perfected trust, yes, I will gladly be your prophet, for you are now (since 1995-11-20?) with me for all time again, and I never more have anything to fear. I love you, my beloved God, Sof ♡♡♡ (12:38)
G: You have my blessing, my beloved Feroniba. No go and gift it to all who wish to receive it like you. This is our first book, and the title is:

Love and trust - (end page 108)

Key to pure (and) perfected mysticism

by God Sof and Feroniba

In almighty all-love, yours and all of of yours, God and Sof ♡♡♡ (Smily with 7 rays, ♡♡♡ is heart with 7 rays, right hand with seven rays) End 12:48 ♡♡♡

End of Terasof Book 7

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