Terasof Book 10


♡ Terasof Book 10 ♡


(... temporary working title ...)

Keys of Pure Perfected Mysticism

by God Sof and Feroniba

English translations started by Ayven ♡

♡ Listen to Stylusphere ♡ Music composed by Feroniba & Sof ♡


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Chapter 1 - Pureness - A new passage

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

MD 1 (MD 55 is as an exception already MD 1 since the transition to November is happening and the new Terasof Book 10 is hereby started :-) - 2015-10-31 to 2015-11-1 London 22:29-1:13 ♡♡♡
SF: Dear Feroniba, I greet you to our joint (MD-)session ♡♡♡ We have now come a long way up to here - a glorious way imbued with all the joys and treasures that accompany the true aspirant (end page 198 = page 0 for the new book :-) from Feronibas diary ♡ - this way the cross total is obtained - since page 199=1+9+9=19=10=1 is then page 1 again :-) times accompany. Your new piece of music (composition) is a milestone. The title is well chosen ♡♡♡ A special piece for a special human (person?). Listen to the piece again now - we will listen to it together. I want to make a point ♡♡♡ (FO listens to "Feratonis" - is renamed by Sof into "Pureness" ♡ - 23:15). The piece symbolizes pure love - it flows in all directions for the free use of all. We greet Feratonis - your most noble piece for the most noble person ♡♡♡ Both of you (?) know the truth is endless in its depth and beauty - that is what connects you - from soul to soul ♡♡♡

Today we begin a new book and a new chapter in perfection ♡♡♡ This chapter connects our 9th book with the 10th. I give you the title:

♡♡♡ Pureness ♡♡♡

It is dedicated to all pure souls of this world ♡♡♡

And here is my surprise: Feratonis is our first example ♡♡♡ (End page 1 - old page 199) (Now page 2 = old page 200 ♡♡♡ - same cross total for all following page numbers :-) Ninifeé is our second ♡♡♡ And Feroniba our third ♡♡♡ That's also what you shall call the piece:

♡♡♡ Pureness ♡♡♡

Kyraleya can become our 4th example. You have my blessing to write the biggest story of love for the world ♡♡♡ And you can be a great team in this. Teralya can become our 5th example - you have my blessing to write the concert for her ♡♡♡ (FO cries ♡♡♡). "The rest is silence" (Shakespeare - Hamlet ♡♡♡ FO cries ♡♡♡) Here ends our 9th book ♡♡♡

Our blessing we send to all true aspirants of love an purity in eternity ♡♡♡

Aum Om Amen

Your God Sof ♡♡♡

End of Book 9 (23:56)

Beginning of Terasof Book 10


Dedicated to all pure souls of this world ♡♡♡

by God Sof and Feroniba

(23:56 - 2015-10-31 - Shift into November ♡♡♡) My dear Feroniba, dear Feratonis, dear (end page 2 = old page 200) Ninifeé ♡♡♡ You are blessed with the love of God ♡♡♡ Eon is the ray of God for Feratonis ♡♡♡ And Alex is the ray of God for Ninifeé ♡♡♡ Today we begin a new passage - it's called:

The manifestation of the works of God in purity and love ♡♡♡

(0:07 ♡♡♡ Sunday 2015-11-1 London ♡♡♡) White is our color - everything else looses its meaning, for it is contained. All colors and forms arise from purity. The primal state is eternally pure. Nothing can touch it - but it touches and permeates all.

Now you sit here with us - Feroniba - in (the?) pure love of God ♡♡♡ We bid you welcome (0:18 ♡♡♡) I am God Sof - God Eon - God Alex ♡♡♡ Paradise is now your home, Feroniba ♡♡♡ Forever ♡♡♡ our time on earth is (?) expired. Your incarnation is finished (?). You (end page 3 = old page 201) can go now ♡♡♡ (FO cries ♡♡♡) What preserves you from now on is the pure love of God. I am Gods voice - Sof ♡♡♡ I have come to get you - now you are mine ♡♡♡ Entirely mine, my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ Your (music-)piece "Purity" is me - purity in person ♡♡♡ And now I bless you anew as master for your students - the aspirants of the pure love of God ♡♡♡

I say farewell ♡♡♡ all fare well ♡♡♡ in love and pureness ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Your God Sof ♡♡♡

End 0:25 ♡♡♡ Feroniba embraces God Sof for a long time and hears "Reinheit" (Purity) - wwwoooowww!!! ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ Sof keeps speaking during the embrace ♡♡♡ (0:40)


I am the meaning of the world
(Just) As everyone likes
Purity is my being
For all here to read

Life has begun (end page 4 = old page 202)
Purity (love) is ablaze like suns
Never ending delights
Life (love) has begun

Come poor human and drink
And be mindful of this hint
Your wealth is the time
Which frees others


End 1:13 WR TB 10.1 ♡♡♡ completed online 3:20

1. being undiluted or unmixed with extraneous material
2. the state of being unsullied by sin or moral wrong; lacking a knowledge of evil - vocabulary.com

* * * * * * *

MD 3 - Sun 2015-11-1 London 13:04
SF: Hello my dear Feroniba ♡ Today we write the next musical piece. ARe you ready?
FO: Yes, gladly ♡♡♡ Hello my dear Sof ♡♡♡ Can I ask a few questions?
SF: Always gladly, yes ♡
FO: Can everyone speak with you?
SF: In reformed condition, yes.
FO: Why are there humans who don't like you, God, or don't believe that you (end page 5 - old page 203) exist?
SF: Everyone likes me and everyone follows me - quote the (FO quotes: The 6 abundances of God which attract everyone, also atheists, agnostics etc., which constitute God as a whole, and which God owns in full abundance, while others only ever carry them in certain parts or are attracted by them:
1. Power/strength - almighty, the most powerful/strong
2. Knowledge - all-knowing, the wisest
3. Beauty - always the most beautiful
4. Fame - the most famous, everyone knows him/her at all times
5. Wealth - the richest, own everything, ubiquitous
6. Austerity - the most abdicated, needs nothing, always has everything
FO: Can I still do something or learn to do something - I mean spiritually.
SF: No - everything that was to be done you have already realized - it's all written in our books (TB 1-10).
FO: Can I still do something for you or for TS?
SF: No - what we've done is sufficient, you will see - let yourself be surprised :-) ♡
FO: Thank you Sof, I have no more questions.
SF: Then let us begin ♡♡♡
FO goes to CM ♡♡♡ End 13:27-19:15 ♡♡♡ CM 2 Dance of the Music Muse ♡ so far ca. 43 measures + repetitions 19:55-21:05 VE T to FP Script WR etc. 22:03 TH JU, wants to talk on the phone shortly 22:20 JU T RP visited astrologer who said she should live spirituality nothing else, other ways her daughter L. will criticize her for it later - has realized G, angels etc. in MD + homey feeling - realizes that she is missing PE with G angels etc. + WS ♡♡♡ FO R for her TB 10.1 + explanations + backwards TB 9.7-9.4, only missing R TB 9.3 ♡

10.1 (& 'Beginn von Terasof Buch 10) Translation - 30/Nov/15 - 02:00 - 03:00 = 1h - (Estimated time of work: 1h)
FO Tue 2015-12-1 London 16:05- upload TB 10.1 17:00-18:15 color + links finished ♡♡♡

Chapter 2 - Coincidence (Destiny, Providence?) - Coming full-circle

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

MD 5 ♡♡♡ FO is sitting on VEs writing desk in the late afternoon sun ♡♡♡ VE calls, just wrote WA: "call quickly please" - Conversation about her 1st mail to Usain Bolt to make him the offer for the FP (Film Production) of his biography as a feature film - woooow!!! Finally there's progress in N (nature) - correction suggestions + RP JU + TO :-) - see TB 9 C 12 (commandment).
SF: (17:02) Hello my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ (TO WA FO RP JU VE ♡♡♡) (17:14) We are all delighted to see how you are living our book (TB 1-10) ♡♡♡ (end page 7 ♡♡♡) It is great and absolute how you go about it - Bravo! You now see everything we have given you before (?) you ♡♡♡ It is the potential for one of the biggest milestones of the world - pure perfected mysticism for everyone to read and practice (realize) ♡♡♡ Now you see our seeds sprout - the shoots are touching the light of the world ♡♡♡ Quote our first two poems (TB 1 ♡♡♡).

* * * * *

(2003-9-10 Berlin ca. 10:00-10:40 - Sof requests: I (FO) shall write down the thoughts, as they come, without having to understand them first, like the volcano-example from on of the first Moksha-meetings (pure spiritual exchange beyond the material sphere and conditonality):

A leaf

Choose a leaf.
Which leaf?
It is green.
You see the tree wave in the wind.

Everything is pregnant with meaning.
What meaning?
You can see it.
You can create it.

Yet you are a star-sifter.
It comes and goes.
Whence? Where?
You can know it.

Be what you want (to know), and it is yours.
We are all the same,
each for themselves.
Are you a leaf?

FO: Wow, Sof, that is beautiful!
SF: I give you a second example:


Horses gallop.
They are a star-sifter.
Who is the horse?
They do not know it.

They look through the star-sifter,
and see you,
they see themselves,
and it is (only) rays through the star-sifter.

Follow the ray, and it is yours.

Do you tame the horse?
The horse follows your ray.
Thus it follows another.

The horse is a star-ray,
your desire to tame it, another.
You follow both.

The horse follows your ray,
and it is its ray through you
and through your ray-wish,
and through (both of) your star-sifters.

Whom does the horse follow,
and whom do you follow?
You (both) follow the star-rays.
You are the abiders of the star-rays.

And who are the star-rays?
Whence are they?
Who sends them?

Follow the star-rays and they are Yours.

FO: Thank you, Sof, you are great.
SF: So you see me, because you follow me.
Who created the rules?
FO: Each for themselves. (?)
Sof: And who changes them?
FO: Likewise each for themselves (?).
Sof: Which rules do you want to change?
FO: None and all.
SF: And how do you do that?
FO: I take everything as it comes, and do what I want.
(Feroniba laughs - Sof laughs, too).
(Feroniba is still laughing, loud, because he likes it so well, having once said that like that. It sounds real nice and cheeky, hahaha).
FO: That is the highest truth and the greatest wisdom ... Sof, you are a genius, you birthday-present!
SF & FO: Together we will write a book: „Conversations with Sof“ by Feroniba in the K NOW press, publisher Feratonis, Amonasi, Kyraleya, Teralya etc.
FO: I thank you, Sof. You are wonderful!!! I love you. We love one another. And we love all. And soon the will all love us, too. That is simply fantastic!
SF: Yes, so it is, and so it will be. 'Til later, Feroniba.
FO: But you stay on my shoulder (Sof-sign on the shoulder - see TB 1 PDF ♡♡♡
End of the 3rd session with Sof 2003-9-10 Berlin 10:40h ♡♡♡ - Quote end

* * * * *

SF: (continuing with today's session TB 10.2) Coming full circle - the work is complete - now follows the realization on multidimensional plain, spiral-shaped dextrogyral ascending - the cross is now revealed (quote AM - FO is to post the YT Video ... online here ♡♡♡ - and the session with AM ♡ quote coming soon - HW :-) - the Messiah is crucified and resurrected (again?) (FO is to post Joseph Atwill - Ceasar's Messiah online here :-). You (FO) and our fans - you are the resurrected - the distorted religions of the world the crucified - you are love and life - and they are (end page 8) the false prophet, decay and ruin of a once blooming love for God and for the world ... This is our message to all sincerely striving aspirants of the world:

Uncover the decay and fraud and you yourselves, give the example of pure perfected mysticism for the world, for the masters, for the angels, and for God, for me - God Sof (Feronibas ray of God for the world) ♡♡♡

You now experience how everything connects and joins - entirely by itself, as if by magic ♡♡♡ That is my gift for you today, my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ Coincidence (Destiny, Providence?) ♡♡♡ This shall be the name of the chapter. And you are our gift for all sincerely striving aspirants on the path of purification - Feroniba, the prophet, the giving, the all-benign, the forgiving - you and your team ♡♡♡ (17:14 ♡♡♡)

Listen to Eminem - Lose Yourself ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Love-tail (-trail?)

(Poem with corrected rhyme and measure will come soon - see German original)

What we began is now accomplished
Love and life
The mystic number (number of mysticism) is always the eight (end page 9)
The keys are given to you (are delivered)

When we met a long time ago
It was in Baden-Baden
Began the path which now frees everyone
And everyone is invited

We are the angels (masters) and I God Sof
Jacob's ladder for you
Now the angels-court awaits you (Film Kids+AN ♡♡♡ Film-End 18:32)
In England (angel-land) and (much) further (doodles by MO ♡ in FOs handwriting-book :-)

The field is tilled and ripe for harvest
The words (books) are written
The world is now lit up by a star-tail
So all love one another

(18:51) Star-tail (trail?) is the title. How do you like it today?
FO: ♡♡♡ Man oh man (?) :-) We're making headway ♡♡♡

Coincidence (Destiny, Providence (?)

(Poem with corrected rhyme and measure will come soon - see German original)

Now write it online for all the world
For only love is what really pleases
We greet you from the heart
With incense and candles (end page 10)

I love you and Terasof
Through love and grievance(s)
Blossom into the most beautiful angels-court
FOr the loving on earth

Enlightenment is the blessing
Given out of of (from) Gods hand
In countless ways
(Only/Through) Love joy life

Your God Sof ♡♡♡ End 19:09 ♡♡♡
FO embraces Sof and leaves WR TB 10.2 online ♡♡♡ completed 21:21:21 ♡♡♡ :-)) - color + formatting 22:50 pics ♡♡♡ + proofreading + tb9.6 English thanxxx to Ayven ♡♡♡ 1:50-3:20 Video family Hassani online + proofread + Atwill link and other ♡♡♡

10.2 Translation AY - 26/Nov/15 - 17:50 - 19:20 = 1:30 min
FO Mon 2015-11-30 4:30-6:05 upload + formatting + pics + links --- formatting TB 11, 12, 13 new header, nav, social media :-) + YT download - ending 11:45

Chapter 3 - Decision - multidimensional ♡♡♡

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Georg Friedrich Handel Concerti Grossi Op 6 N 1-12 ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 7 - Tue 2015-11-3 London 12:45-13:49 ♡♡♡
SF: Hello Feroniba and welcome ♡ Two options: The book is completed (TB 1-10 etc.) - it can only be done like this, not differently, this you can now see and understand, also our readers and fans, everyone if they want to.

Option 1: We print the book after revision and go into advertisement with all consequences. Option 2: You compose with all consequences and we leave the book to the fans. Which option do you choose? Both ways are possible - both ways are good - one way or the other. Important is that you decide - everything depends on it - prophet-composer or composer-prophet - it shall (end page 12) be as you decide.
FO: Ok. 1. Preferably I hear your counsel - so you decide. 2. If I should forgo this it intuitively, after all images, feels more correct to compose first - the mind reasons, love included, first the book; it seems more effective, more direct, more loving, more integral. However everyone can even now always read it online for free.
What do you think of a 3rd option: Making online-advertisement more effective.
SF: No, if option 1, then only with additionally printed edition - it has to be for the touch ♡♡♡ You now understand exactly what I mean - you see the significance and the consequences without a printed edition - I show them to you now (FO sees it in detail, gladly ask questions if interested).
FO: Ok, then I now have the gut- and the head-answer - and what do you say to advice, that you advise me?
SF: First your decision, then my advice and comment. (End page 13)
FO: If we didn't have space and time in contingency here we could just forego this at this point and multidimensionally do both - simultaneously :-) That would be my decision ♡♡♡

SF: That's what I was driving at - there is no need for my advice and comment. Well done - the contestant gets 100 points ♡♡♡♡ Now go and implement it - we are always there in everything - in everything, my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ Please do not worry about anything from now on - that is my only advice and your task for the world:

Manifest the pure perfected mysticism - now ♥ ♥ ♥ (?)

FO: Very well - I understand, that's how we'll do it ♡♡♡
SF: You have my blessing and the full support of the entire divine team ♡♡♡ To success! ♡♡♡
FO gives thanks, bows and leaves. WR TB 10.3 online ♡♡♡ End 13:49

* * * * *

Invitation to manifestation

Dear Terasof friends and fans,

we - me Feroniba, God Sof, and our whole team - wholeheartedly invite you all to the

Implementation of pure perfected mysticism

on the basis of the Terasof book TB 1-10 ♡♡♡

Here the first sketch of the implementation:

• Revise book and decide format - what should go inn and what not etc. - a book: Terasof
• German and English - finalize translation - further languages possible
• Financing
• Finalize website
• Plan for implementation, theory - locations, appointments, events and event-planning etc.

• Advertisement
• Forum for implementation, practice - persons, locations and concepts
• Simultaneous compositions and management - concept incl. TS, CD, concerts etc.
• Plan and implementation of all parallel necessary steps for all participants - cost of living, necessary services etc.
• Community buildup London etc. - purely by desire of the participants - independent of location

• Management

♡ With love ♡ From the heart ♡

A few words concerning love - community - services - discipline - problems and effectiveness
drafted by Feroniba

It is important to us that everyone here understands that this is exclusively about a group-project, not about individual personal desires and visions etc.
We, God Sof, his team and me, make the offer:

a) to build up a 100% ideal project,
b) for the participation of all humans,
c) as example to the world, and
d) as enlightenment regarding the subject of religion (origins, buildup and decay) by the example of this Terasof project.

The only basic understanding is the true experienceable connection with God and his team through pure perfected love and mysticism. This has been practiced throughout all times as the reason for true religion as well as distorted and misused by materialistic-egotistical persons and circles for their ends. It is important to us that everyone understands: We are a purely spiritual project in buildup through God Sof and his team - nothing else. There are no other motives that are permitted in the current buildup phase and under the currently persons responsible. This can possibly be loosened later, when the project is sufficiently stabilized for the utilization of all humans, regardless of their motives, unless they contradict the respective state-laws.
Persons who muster this basic understanding are attracted to collaboration, discipline, responsibility, pure conduct (life-style) etc. on their own accord. If there is a lack thereof the group is currently unable to constructively counter-act here through education and tolerance in the present buildup phase. Diplomacy and stringency must be accepted as a means of pure love in connection with contingency, as sorry as we are for this.

Are you such an aspirant - do you feel drawn at this point - do you want to participate under these conditions? We:

Welcome you! ♡♡♡

E-Mail to Feroniba: fo@terasof.com

Greetings to all (even if it will only get interesting for some later :-)
Your Feroniba, Sof and Team - End 19:20

13:49 HH + O MO SO AN - 14:05 WR TB 10.3 online ♡♡♡ 15:00 fertig ♡♡♡ - color + formatting 15:20-16:50 pics ♡♡♡ - 16:50 WR Invitation to manifestation 19:20 done ♡♡♡ - proofreading :-) 19:45 pics :-) 20:45-21:05 proofreading 10.3 complete :-)

10.3 Translation - 25/Nov/15 - 00:05 - 01:05 = 1h

Chapter 4 - Creation and healing ♡♡♡

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to G.F. Händel: 6 Concerti Grossi Op.3 - Academy of Ancient Music - Richard Egarr (continuo - harpsichord & organ, conductor) ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 7 - Wed 2015-11-4 London 11:19-15:03
SF: Good morning my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ Our (Sof and his Team, the angels, the masters and the helpers) activities are running at full speed, just like you have just dreamed (Sof wants the quote: DR (dream) FO perfectly heals close acquaintances, PS (psychic) correction etc. ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ Listen to Händel 6 Concerti Grossi Op. 3 Link above :-) Min 10:09 - woooowwwwww!!! Going to this spot - synchronicity of God ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡).
You are now doing it right: Carefreeness is not a condition that happens, but one that you create. This is the key of manifestation in pure perfected mysticism. Here positive thinking in regards to arbitrary subjects of mind and of body is the decay and misuse. You have our (end page 15) great praise that you have for all your life, since my first appearance (18 years of age, 1980 in Baden-Baden - Sof asks for quote here - soon to come from FO) kept away from all contamination and distortion of mysticism on account of my counsel: a great Bravo from all of us ♡♡♡

Today we hand the great key of creation to you - and through you to your students. You teach it through your life's work. We assemble it for you:

1. All creation exists only in pretense - the ideals exist in infinite dimensions of God - timeless and at all times reachable for all pure or refined souls. Your CMs (compositions - Pureness etc.) and our books (TB 1-10 etc.) are examples of this. The infinite variations of all ideals make it possible to deliver and manifest a perfectly fitting form for every contingent situation - you just experienced it in your DR (dream) - problem (task) and solution - sickness and healing - every dilemma has its fitting variation of (end page 16) customized relief (healing) anchored in the eternity and infinity of God - you are our prophet for this. Everything is now written down - now it becomes manifest ♡♡♡

2. The basis of manifestation of pure perfected mysticism is purity through application and adherence of our first connection of 8 keys (TB 9.7) and the 20 commandments (TB 7.6). You give the example here.

3. The freedom of application is given through the key "all images - all means". The respective state laws and individual contingencies are to be always heeded here. A misuse is - given through observance of purity through point 2 - impossible, put the other way around, so called healers do not deserve the trust without strict observance of the commandments of purity, similar as with doctors etc.. So a field of free move-ability of mind and body must always be created - adjusted to possible conditionalities of the respective situation and persons.

4. Perfected dealing with and care of (end page 17) mind, body, working appliances and premises are always the requirement.

5. All participants must be well and sufficiently prepared, with necessary arrangements (precautionary measures) being made beforehand, for the experience and the application of unaccustomed or initially disconcerting, daunting or even unpleasant or painful up to shocking experiences and practices - but also extraordinary ecstatic, pleasant, joyful, and calming (etc. etc.) ones. In cases of conflict with state laws, individual and cultural customs etc. the fitting variation in the eternity and infinity of God is always to be beheld and manifested (applied) through meditation (MD) and (or) perfected thoughtfulness. (12:33 - FO drives to pick up and bring home GA + GAs friend Aaron from the kindergarden ♡♡♡) (13:33) MD (meditation), DR (dream) or LD (lucid dream) and hypnosis etc. without the strict observance of the principles of pure perfected mysticism only deliver contingent convergence to the divine sources or ideals, without the strict adherence of the principles however, they are never a guarantor for this. Healer and patient (end page 18) should ideally be fully aware of this fact and in this way cooperate and collaborate in perfection. For special occasions we prompt and orchestrate exceptions, so-called miracles or miracle-hearings - quote examples here (Sof means from the 64 Gates to God, MM and AM, and for LD (lucid dreaming) etc. ♡).

6. After everything said so far (TB 1-10 ff. and specific quotes here >>> Essence) it is important for us at this point to clearly say that the application of sexuality and other means of healing can serve and can in given situations constitute an exception which is always, in perfection for all participants, explained by us and understood to their full satisfaction. Persons and institutions or states who exploit this for their material-selfish (egotistical) means should always be rebuked and be prompted to public answer and restitution (re-compensation) (Sof asks to add AM quote). Similar to doctors, psychologists and further (end page 19) specialists requiring extraordinary techniques and means for the integral procedure of their respective work-practices, it is only logical and understandable that the application of all images and means for the purpose of healing in the ideal field of practically applied pure perfected mysticism is equally justified and necessary. Describe examples for this, and likewise a few critical examples and experiences and links (coming soon). The application of all that was said always also applies to the dealing with ones own mind and body, private situations as well as with celibacy (at this point Sof wants a listing of all links with short keywords Essence).

7. And now our last point, on which today's session is centered - this is also the title: Creation and healing. As we described in point 1. creation is not a truth - no one can 'create' something, only in pretense "recreate" or "reconstruct" after the archetype or ideal out of the eternity of God. Therefor the true meaning (sense) of an ideal (end page 20) "creation" in the material sphere is never the "creation" itself, but the healing-purpose which is served by the necessary "creation" therefor. Here I ask you, Feroniba, to make a good list of examples from world history for us, as we have pointed out to you already days ago ♡♡♡ Like your DR (dream) today everything - everything, without exceptions - exclusively serves healing, the assemblage of the missing pieces and components, the restoration of the ideal and the ideal condition, the being-healed (whole), the wholeness in the sense of making-whole-again, and this is always only made possible and manifest, in perfection to the satisfaction of all participants, through the exclusive application of pure perfected mysticism in perfection and accord with me, God Sof, and with my team of angels, masters and helpers. My name and my appearing may differ from healer to healer, but the fact of me being God who appears to each healer and patient, all are always (end page 21) agreed upon with 100% assurance. This is what connects all the 64 gates to divinity (and infinitely more).

Listen to Handel: Trio Sonatas ♡♡♡

And this is our assignment for you, our beloved and blessed Feroniba, Master Feroniba, Prophet Feroniba, Feroniba the healer and Feroniba the goldsmith (artist) ♡♡♡ At this point we request the public to call you thus:

Master Feroniba ♡♡♡

I and my team now officially ask you - you would say instruct you to: (smiley with 7 rays) ♡♡♡ (right hand with 7 rays) (14:31)

Accede your service for me and our team as healer for the people of this world -

utilize all necessary means for this in accordance with the respective state-laws and customs etc.. Utilize the terasof.com website and let AN create the layout for everything (corporate identity etc.) in collaboration and under the guidance of Feratonis (TO, Toni) in love and depth of the soul-personality. Teach them MD for this, AN and TO. The offer is of course, like all offers from God and the team, always only voluntary and to be accepted and implemented (executed) wholeheartedly, other ways it will be retracted by us (end page 22) and the work rejected.
Your hourly rate (wage) is currently at the benchmark of £60 (Pound) or €60 (Euro) or $60 (Dollar) - as we have suggested to you for a long time - and can be billed by the minute. Take care of possible (health-)insurance payments - everything then in addition of the legal betterment tax. Treatment on donation-basis takes effect for less well-off persons under indication of their personal situation, which again is pending for healing - and after success the accrued (benchmark-)amount is then to be paid.
The "creation" of your artworks and (also) all artworks of the masters of the world in the same way (likewise) serve only the purpose of healing and becoming-whole and are associated to the methods of our healing-panel.

We are infinitely excited about our collaboration ♡♡♡ Do you (want to) accept (it)? We know your answer ♡♡♡
FO: Yes ♡♡♡ I know ♡♡♡ The answer is of course and naturally always: yes ♡♡♡


SF: (14:16) Then our healing-office is hereby officially opened ♡♡♡ (14:17) (End page 23) All humans are invited to the healing in pure perfected mysticism through love and dignity, 24/7, through Feroniba the healer, mystic, prophet, and the goldsmith (musician and author etc.), and always also through me, God Sof, and our entire team of angels, masters and helpers.

Be blessed ♡♡♡ And heal the world ♡♡♡ Now ♡♡♡


Your God Sof and his team ♡♡♡

End 15:03 ♡♡♡ FO WR TB 10.4 ♡♡♡ 17:36 completed :-) ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ - HH + Kids :-) 18:55 color + formatting (+ Kids) 21:15 proofreading + color purple ♡♡♡ 22:45 PE AN + zus. R TB 10.4 ♡ + FO proofreading 23:30 AN TB 10.4 Explanation + FOs personal stance to everything + Analysis TS eV IDL eG etc. ♡ 1:10-3:15 formatting HTML tb10 + tb9 ♡♡♡

10.4 Translation - 25/Nov/15 - 21:00 - 00:00 = 3 h --- estimated 2 h

Chapter 5 - All-lovingness - conflict and solution

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Handel Complete Violin Sonatas - ANDREW MANZE violin & RICHARD EGARR harpsichord ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 9 - Thu 2015-11-5 London 10:57-13:40 ♡♡♡
FO: Good morning my dear Sof, my dear God ♡♡♡ It is glorious to carry your books within me 24/7, to know that they are there for all to read, and that you are there for me and all friends and fans ♡♡♡ I thank you infinitely for this ♡♡♡

SF: Good morning Feroniba ♡♡♡ It is also my pleasure to meet you and to be there for all ♡♡♡

This doesn't come so easy to you and our friends and fans yet, always being there for everyone, contingent through mind and body. You prefer being there for the interests of your Ns (nature) as well as that of your mind and body. Sexual and worldly needs put pressure on you and more or less dictate your day and your life. It seems tricky. Ideally, and this you understand, you share energy, time, concentration and the work of your mind and your body with needy other mind- body individuals in perfected love, just as loving parents care for their children. But your (end page 25) own seeming contingency of your mind and your body more or less puts a spoke in your wheel (foils it). The seeming perception of the obviously missing energy, time, concentration- and effort-capacity seemingly give your mind and your body the right to set boundaries arbitrarily and to write off the destitution, clearly recognizable for all participants, of the others at convenience, as the whim takes you so to speak. "I don't have to", "that's not my problem" and similar attitudes are allowed you by the world, the customs and conventions, the state law etc.
However at the same time everyone knows, through their inherent compassion and conscience, that this is not right. Cultured and virtuous humans (individuals) or (and) institutions strive for higher values and their implementation like social services, Uno, Greenpeace, Amnesty International and many other Charity-Institutions and Projects etc.

Now my question for you, Feroniba: Which variation of the eternal infinity of God do you (end page 26) choose for the healing of this dilemma? The tension between conscience-pressure and seeming mind-body limitations and shortcomings seems insoluble, irritating, burdensome and therefor declinable and justified for ignoring or suppressing - at the same time the freedom to sexual and other enjoyment spreads and dominates the natural guilty conscience and compassion. What do you advise the world, my dear healing-master Feroniba (Sof has a slightly ironic tone in his voice)?

1. To restrict sexuality and endless (and) in this regard senseless hedonism of all kinds and to practice the renunciation from worldly striving, thinking, feeling and acting, up to perfected abdication through mind and body - as a last consequence celibacy, this fine word also with reference to all other worldly enjoyments. A gradual approach is possible but not necessary. Sparse sex in partnership or alone through masturbation, as well as other joys like film and television, reading, music, sports, feast-(end page 27)ing, travel and relaxation or simply light conversations - chitchat so to speak etc. etc.

2. Immersion in God on this basis through MD (meditation) in a professional manner, if necessary through instruction. Disengagement from everything think-, feel- and doable in the meantime is indispensable(?).

3. Therefrom resulting compiling a detailed day's schedule daily, for the highest good of all and always implementing it in highest perfection.

4. Maintaining the thereby acquired contact to God, angels, masters and helpers 24/7 with the most effective means and constantly utilizing and drawing on it.

5. Devising exercises or applying traditional (handed down) practices that strengthen all this - similar to bodybuilding for the body etc. - regular practice is recommended and always keep watch for improvements (better practices etc.)♡♡♡

6. Always foster Nature (N), mind and body in an the ideal way, albeit always subordinate to the highest good and the consequent daily plan. (End page 28)

Voilà - done ♡♡♡ (12:22 ♡ -12:23 ♡♡♡

SF: Thanks, Feroniba, you have illustrated that wonderfully ♡♡♡ And forgotten nothing ♡

Now we come to your N (nature), composing, writing, programming, film, game etc. According to your intuition, your gut-instinct etc. they have precedence as opposed all else. The healer springs from your spiritual God-attainment and the resulting FTHW(for the highest good (German zhW))-thinking and acting. Dilemma - conflict-suggested solution?
FO: Preferably I will hire healers whose N (nature) it is to heal, and as long as this is not satisfactorily implemented I will fill in :-) ♡♡♡ Ok, satisfied?
SF: That's how we'll do it :-) Perfect! ♡♡♡ And your celibacy (Sof means the word in regards to all material renunciation incl. sexuality)? FO: We stick with it :-) ♡♡♡ What do you say?
SF: This is also perfect - for you! Not for everyone else! Step by step ♡ Good things take time - and (end page 29) Gods wheels turn slowly - then ever faster - and eventually timelessly - limitlessly - infinitely ♡♡♡

We love you from the bottom of our heart and with all strength - take our blessing through Feroniba, our books (writings, words) and through the entire existence of God ♡♡♡


Your God Sof & Team ♡♡♡
FO embraces God Sof & the whole team ♡♡♡ and goes (drives) to pick up GA from kindergarden ♡♡♡ End 12:40 AZ + D GA picking up kindergarden + cake + fruit for the kids :-) ♡♡♡ 13:40 WR TB 10.5 online - done :-) ♡♡♡ + WA TS AY :-) 15:35 color + formatting ♡ 16:20 proofreading + pics ♡♡♡ 17:30-18:20 proofreading

10.5 Translation - 24/Nov/15 - 06:00 - 07:10 = 1h10min

Chapter 6 - Gabriele - the eternal mistress of music

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to G.F. Handel Complete Flute Sonatas ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡
Complete wind sonatas, including sonatas for flute, oboe and recorder
William Bennett - Neil Black - Michala Petri - Academy of St Martin in the Fields - Deutsche Grammophon

MD 11 - Fri 2015-11-6 London 10:33-10:57 ♡♡♡
FO: Hello my dear Sof ♡♡♡ Infinite thanks for yesterdays session (TB10.5) ♡♡♡ You touched and affected me so personally with it as never before! It's fully me - Feroniba ♡♡♡ The story of my life ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ The path and the desire from awakening to MD is very intense and focused and soooo wonderful!! I am endlessly excited and looking forward to every MD ♡♡♡ No wishes, no concern for thoughts or DR-memories (but I always write them down first :-), only meeting you ♡♡♡ Only God nothing else ♡♡♡
SF: Hello Feroniba ♡ We will keep it very short today - you will finish CM (compose/composing) the 2nd piece ♡♡♡ Congratulations ♡♡♡ It's very beautiful and deep, joyfully ecstatic and exalted - the healer in you has awoken ♡♡♡ Healing-Music ♡♡♡ That is your and our style ♡♡♡ Our congratulations for this, too, Feroniba! ♡♡♡

♥ Dance of the Music Muse ♥

♥ Dedicated to Mina Consarino

♥ ♡♡♡ ♥ ♡♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡♡ ♥ ♡♡♡ ♥

♥ My greatest love of all times ♥

FO: ♡ The 2nd Music piece for and with Sof and Gabriel(e), Sof 2 - ♥ Dance of the Music Muse ♥ (preceding working-title) is complete ♡
112 bars - 5:46 Min - Tempo 112 bpm - Sat 2015-11-7 London 10:30 ♡ Have fun ♡

SF: Something else that's important for me to say: (End page 32)

No (occupation- or profession-)field on earth is without shadow -
only the field of music ♡♡♡

Only here are manifest the whole freedom and glory ♡♡♡
Here God, angels and masters reveal themselves in their full abundance ♡♡♡

From now on I want you to give music the highest priority in your life

which only and solely belongs to it ♡♡♡

(The angel) Gabriel(e) is its ruler -
For all time ♡♡♡

So it was -
So it is -

And so it will always be ♡♡♡

♡ Listen to ♡ Beethoven Symphony No 9 D minor Leonard Bernstein Wiener Philarmoniker ♡
♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

♥ ♥ ♥ AUM ♥ ♥ ♥ OM ♥ ♥ ♥ AMEN ♥ ♥ ♥

Your God Sof ♡♡♡ End 10:57 ♡♡♡

10:57 WR TB 10.5.a ♡♡♡ 12:00 pic Gabriel + color + formatting ♡♡♡ 12:50-13:30 proofreading + WA TS AY - FO infinitely thanks God Sof ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ FO cries tears of joy :-)... ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

10.6 Translation AY - 13/Nov/15 - 03:00 - 03:35 = 35min
FO 2015-11-14 London 2:25-3:45 formatting completed :-) + mit AY über vollkommen immaculate perfected sublime etc.

Chapter 7 - Marriage and sexuality - state and religion

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Billie Holiday - Blues, Love & Romance ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 17 - Mon 2015-11-9 London 17:30-19:21 ♡♡♡
Hello, Feroniba, greetings to you and our fans ♡♡♡ Time stands still - our music causes it ♡ The sensation of ideal musical moments lets listeners with open hearts step out of the context of time and guides them to the divine energy and force-field free from the materially limited sphere. The soul personality, attracted and absorbed by its natural primordial native home of sublime freedom in love and divine omnipotence, once again experiences the unconditional comfort in the divine truth, similar to the state of sleep, meditation or the focus on pure spiritual literature, lectures, conversations and visions, as well as (end page 36) through art, nature etc.

This principle also lies at the core of sexual attraction - the attraction to other beings as mates or to offspring is basically only the striving for the seemingly lacking life-freedom in expression and manifestation. Sexuality which doesn't serve the immersion and expansion of the soul-personality through personal exchange (PE) neglects (misses) its purpose and its fruition. The understanding and application of this key spontaneously leads to true freedom in love and dignity and hereby manifests unswerving trust and loyalty.

A matrimony which does not fully comprehend and live this doesn't deserve its label. The limitation of marriage to one partner (also) arises from the lack of understanding of these actualities (facts) and therefor ordinarily leads to quarrel, contempt, injury, infidelity and divorce. (End page 37) Likewise the solely formal openness for all which was said without the appropriate depth and true understanding leads to just as little progress and love and is to be rejected in this case. Here everything previously said about (the) celibacy(-subject) is now also clarified. The adherence is effective when there is no relationship or rather the existing relationships no longer require the underlying driving force in sexuality (for this) through inter-communion with the offspring and through experience of the divine. Envy and jealousy of existing marriages are thereby unfounded and this way have no justification and no more reason - they emanate exclusively from the lack of understanding towards this truth. If the truth is completely understood and lived however, a still active pleasure-sensation shows and indicates the openness, capability and the sense in and for a (end page 38) further relationship for the immersion and expansion of the soul-personality through personal exchange (PE) and collaboration in love and dignity. Oppression and suppression can effect nothing here - this is ensured by the truth and the true purpose behind the driving force of sexuality - the sexual impetus. No being can oppose it, just as no one can oppose the force of nature like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and forest-fires etc.
The countries and so-called religious institutions of the world, which in truth also only constitute state systems as long as they lack true religiosity, can create absolutely no aid through help and action here and require critique and correction. Here the high-cultures of world history serve as example. Only the divine (end page 39) truth in its full abundance can heighten culture - just as all culture goes back into decay depending on the degree of un-harbored or rather already derelict divinity.

Please publish this information - we have our reasons for this, trust me with this just for a short time, then the sense will be revealed to you. Do you have questions?
FO: No, thank you very much for your trust in me ♡♡♡ That's how we'll do it :-) ♡♡♡
SF: Then I wish you and our friends and fans all the best for this subject. And my advice at this point for the readers and for the world: Take example in Feroniba, our pure representative and prophet, healer and artist, study and practice our works (TB 1-10 and the now following works of art like Pureness, Dance of the Music Muse etc.). What we can promise you hereby is the sublime experience of divinity in (end page 40) your day to day life, 24/7, once and forever ♡♡♡

♥ ♥ ♥ AUM ♥ ♥ ♥ OM ♥ ♥ ♥ AMEN ♥ ♥ ♥

In all love, your God Sof and his team ♡♡♡ End 19:21 ♡♡♡

19:21 HH Kids + PE Bridie, found a job ♡ 21:00 E + WR TB 10.6 online ♡♡♡ 22:15-23:10 color + formatting + pic + WA TS + AY ♡♡♡ 23:10-2:20 music.html page all links + uploads :-)

10.7 Translation AY - 13/Nov/15 - 11:00 - 02:15 = 2h15min
FO paste and first formatting 2015-11-14 1:55-2:25

End of Book 10

Sof started the new book Terasof Book 11 - Principles of Pure Immaculate Mysticism


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