Terasof Book 13


Terasof Book 13

♡ Decision ♡

(... momentaner Arbeitstitel ...)

Keys of pure perfected mysticism

from God Sof and Feroniba

English translations by Ayven ♡

♡ Listen to "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise


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Chapter 1 - Decision - ♡ 1st purely musical stage-work ♡

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Mix - "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 57 = TB 13.1 - Sun 2015-11-29 London 10:40-11:38 start MD
SF begins the 13th book (volume) and starts it with the 3rd stage-work ♡♡♡ Prepared through TB 1-12 ♡♡♡ And all VI + LI ♡♡♡ SF: Hello my beloved and all of our beloved Feroniba ♡♡♡ Welcome in the artistic circle of heaven ♡♡♡ We now begin our first big stage-work - purely musical, only sung, no longer spoken ♡♡♡ You are our chosen master for manifestation on earth ♡♡♡ And GB (angel Gabriel), AM (angel Amadeus) and me, God Sof (SF), are your helpers ♡♡♡ Write the piece together with us, 24/7 ♡♡♡ Nothing else ♡♡♡ The kids are happy and well taken care of ♡ The girls (KA and SA) are plenty busy ♡ We admit SA in our DC-circle if she wishes - principles and commandments are then once and for all binding - (end page 163) Pauses can be established - you gave the example (link coming soon here) ♡♡♡ Those who want God will joyfully pursue the path ♡♡♡ There are no limitations. And those who glorify the Satan-celebration - conditional sequences of the lord of darkness - will not be happy being with us. That is the title of our 13th book: Decision. We have now shown you all LIs (life images) - incl. all IVs and the pure perfected understanding of fate (TB 8.1) and karma (TB 12.7) in seeming and being. Our request now to you and the entire GR of DCs, aspirants, FRs, HPs, FM and FNs - and our big offer to them and the whole world - is:

Take your places - each after their own N (nature) in accord with us and with the pure perfected mysticism of all places and all times. You, Feroniba, are our prophet of God, mysticism-master and author-compo-(end page 164)ser and keyboarder, audio engineer and DJ. We're turning everything up - the universe is watching ♡♡♡
And we invite Ayven (AY) a 2nd time - this time for the position of his choosing through observance of the rules, duties and necessary discipline - despite all conditionalities ♡♡♡

Is the will thus given now
love will be fully endowed (sparked) ♡♡♡

That is our gift today to the team and the whole world - the will is the key, love is the gift ♡♡♡ Agreed?
FO: Yes God ♡♡♡

SF: Then we start - now ♡♡♡

(11:11 Photo!! Did it!!!! Yeees!!!! well - 1 second too late, but fast - pressed the round button first - fudge - that way the program turned off again - and after pressing the button the photo apparently takes a little longer - still practice a little ♡♡♡ But the proof counts ♡♡♡ And 11.11.01 = 5 - that is the image LI ♡♡♡ God always knows best ♡♡♡) (End page 165)
Our MD-sessions (TB 1-13) for the world are getting shorter with few exceptions - instead the MP-sessions all the more long ♡♡♡ 24/7 ♡♡♡ For everyone in the team ♡♡♡ All buckle up and go ♡♡♡ You are the captain - now lead your team ♡♡♡ Love is the goal - the way - and the life - 24/7 - for all of us ♡♡♡ That is the eternal truth which is - the only true being - the glory in eternity ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ AUM ♡♡♡ OM ♡♡♡ AMEN ♡♡♡

Now you can see everything - you are on the peaks of the highest mountains of the earth-world - in the center of the suns and the world-power - and there you stay for a while - with and for us, and for the whole world ♡♡♡ Ready - set - go! 11:23 ♡♡♡ ( 123 :-) 1123=7 ♡ 112=Sof (40 oder 31 oder 22 etc.) 3=Tera Dreieck --- Tera=20+5+18+1=35=8 --- Sof=19+15+6=40 --- Gabriel(e)=7+1+2+18+9+5+12(+5)=54(+5)=9(-5)=(14)=(5) --- Seth = 19+5+20+8 = 44+8=4444=88 = Highest mystical power =16= God - Lust = Duality = 7 = Chakras = Highest control 1+9+5=1+5= first-God-then-lust)

We have everything we need - and nothing is missing - now and forever - so it is ♡♡♡ We bid farewell at this point (End page 166) to our audience and refer to our books 1-13 ♡♡♡ Every weekend we offer ourselves to the world for an hour for a start - I suggest Sunday at 4pm - that is Sof - and that is Gabriel (Tera) - 16:00 = 7 - and that is the big celebration of both worlds in accord with the lords of the world: 1 - God - and 6 - Satan - his name is Seth in our circle - and my name is Sof ♡♡♡ From now on we work together as example for you and the whole world - in TS and in the circle of the 64 gates to the truth of God and infinitely more. But one thing is always clear for all times in all places: where we, God, angels, masters and helpers contribute (cooperate), there is none but our rules - everyone keeps them - those who relent must leave - immediately - Sof-Ort (meaning 'Sof-place', a wordplay on the German word 'sofort', which means immediately) ♡♡♡ (Seths circle appears and (end page 167) bows in love and discipline). No violence - not even a little!!! No!!!!!!! We finish for today - all of your God Sof & Team and lord Seth & Team ♡♡♡ We love you all - incessantly from now on forever ♡♡♡ Sof ♡♡♡ End 11:38
FO embraces Sof ♡♡♡ HH 12:10 E + WR TB 13.1 ♡♡♡ completed online 13:55 WA TS AY 14:05 color - completed 16:15 proofreading 16:30

13.1 Translation - 30/Nov/15 - 00:00 - 00:40 = 40min (Estimated time of work: 1h)
FO Thu 2015-12-3 London 2:30-3:00 TB 13.1 English upload + formatting

Chapter 2 - We visit Amadeus - ♡ Gloria ♡ - Gabriel has fulfilled "Mission FO"

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Mix - "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 1 = TB 13.2 - Sun 2015-12-1 London 2:45-6:13 - 2:45 DR (dream)


Unconditional person from unconditional GR
send unconditionality
to conditional person in conditional GR -
once and for all (forever) ♡♡♡

2:45 WR DR - FO experienced this DR very intensely and the wording of the sentence upon waking up as well :-) 2:50 B 2:55 TY writes (WR) WA talk on the phone this weekend about spir. progress + making effective of N ♡♡♡ FO WR (writes) (End page 170) this DR in response to her ♡♡♡ MD spot IC (incense) from Bangkok ♡ Cannot read writing - smells similar to sandal-rose ♡ 3:10 start MD:
FO: Wooowww!!! Sof - what a wonderful DR and what a simple poetic exalted description ♡♡♡
SF: Hello my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ That I am for you - and that you are - my prophet - for the world ♡♡♡
FO: Sof, you are and remain the greatest genius of all times ♡♡♡ Now I'm utterly curious ♡ what we'll do together today - after all the 42 big MDs (TB 7-13) + 18 Gs (TB 6) ♡♡♡
SF: We are visiting Amadeus (AM) ♡♡♡

FO: Wooooooowwwwwww!!!!!!! How greaaaaaaaaat is that!!!!!!! (SF and FO float through the multidimensional (ML) gigantic universal unconditional portal - an AM-portal-GR - in AMs realm ♡♡♡ Wooowww!!! How wonderfully beautiful! Over most glorious multidimensional (ML) gardens and fields we float to the center of the great angels brotherhood and fraternity - AM ♡♡♡ First (page 170) still over-dimensionally big, he reduces his constantly changing form and approaches us with his closest confidants-GR, emanating love and omnipotence ♡♡♡
AM: Hello my both of my heroes and your glorious teams of FR (friends) and FNs (fans) ♡♡♡ Welcome in my home - once and for all (forever) ♡♡♡ Now you have finally arrived my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ Finally ♡♡♡ After 14 years and 9 months - since our first meeting in this you life on the 8.3.2001 at 22:00 in Berlin through my beloved squab (little dove) MM (Miriam) ♡♡♡ And her FM (family) and FNs (fans) ♡♡♡ Best wishes to all of them ♡♡♡ I was and am your companion and mysticism-master from multidimensionality for many many incarnations ♡♡♡ I bid you welcome at the great destination of our wonderful mutual journey and adventure ♡♡♡ What is (end page 171) your wish? ♡♡♡ Speak.
FO: My most beloved mysticism-master and true mystic of all worlds:

♡♡♡ ♡♡ ♡ ♡♡ ♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡ ♡♡ ♡ ♡♡ ♡♡♡

(A perfected symphony is multidimensionally performed ♡♡♡) I'm staying here forever and ever ♡♡♡ You, Sof (SF) and Gabriel (GB), you are my true masters of omnipotence (OP) ♡♡♡ (reversed heart with 7 rays) and of AL (all-love) ♡♡♡ Terasof (TS, Tera-Gabriel(e) and Sof) and AM (Amadeus) ♡♡♡

(The angel Gabriel (GB) now joins, coming floating with his closest confidants-team ♡♡♡ SF, AM and GB embrace one another by connecting their light-apparitions with each other, all in the same place permeating one another ♡♡♡ A multidimensional (ML) cosmic constantly in- and out pouring pulsating apparition - similar to the universes changing in constant manifestation and de-manifestation - in infinite velocity (speed) up until standing still and reverse again - evenly (end page 172) pulsating ♡♡♡ Then they emerge out of the mutual energy field again to their places in their GRs (groups) ♡♡♡ Wow!!!)
AM: Dear angel GB and dear team - we are all very glad about your and all of your appearance ♡♡♡ You are the mister, the lady and the center of eternity and of the freedom of the world - just as ST (Seth, Satan) is the mister, the lady and the center of time and limitation of the conditional universes of all places ♡♡♡ I am not a part of it ♡♡♡ I am simply an angel of God and effectuate (cause) fraternization and fraternity wherever I appear ♡♡♡ My realm is not of this world - just like God Sof ♡♡♡ As opposed to me, one of the innumerable angels of God, SF is a direct part of God, just as countless other forms and names of God are ♡♡♡ When God appears to us - in his personal form as Sof today among us ♡♡♡ we are all honored ♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡ The joy of the personal reality of (end page 173) the infinite ML (multidimensional) worlds of God is glory in person - Gloria ♡♡♡ Today we bid them welcome ♡♡♡

(Gloria appears with her/his Team of her/his closest confidants ♡♡♡ Wow!!! Gloria ♡♡♡)
Gloria: I greet the assembled circle ♡♡♡ We now become manifest - 24/7 - through our praised prophet of the earth 2015 and (through) his great Team of pure perfected mysticism of all times and all places ♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡ Glorificate (she wants FO to post his CM from A Secret Inner Story online here and everything also on YT ♡♡♡ (ca. 4:00))

Adagio Glorificate

♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡

Who is the child that conforms to me
It has not yet been born
Only love ♡ joy ♡ purest light ♡
Flows from all his gates (pores)

The watch-woman (guard) of heavens might
Am I for all the worlds
The heart of the most sad awakens
Where (if) my rules pertain

Here Seth and Sof are always united
No sorrow and no tears
Just pure holiday - the sun is shining
No wanting and no craving

The glory of the world am I
Gloria in exelsis deo
The origin of joys eternally
The heaven-symbol Leo

Ours appears at all time
In heaven and on earth
Acts primal force ♡ steady ♡ eternally ♡
nothing greater can become (4:50)

Bear now the blessing and the strength
Through works of pure love
Experience how God creates the arts
Through taming of the urges

Born souls of nature
Fare well in the circle of the earth
Fraternize through divine oath
To an all-loving flock

Sof-father and Seth-mother are
Mankind's temple-dome
unify ♡ bear the child
♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡

(End 5:23 ♡♡♡) FO: Gloria ♡♡♡ You are the greatest joy ♡♡♡ The most beautiful person of all time ♡♡♡ Joy ♡♡♡ Freedom ♡♡♡ Beauty ♡♡♡ Masculinity (glory)/Femininity ♡♡♡ AUM ♡♡♡ You are the greatest gift of art ♡♡♡ Gloria! ♡♡♡
Gloria: I am the gift and the name of your next daughter - of your glorious child - Goria ♡♡♡ We bless the world with infinite joy, ecstasy and bliss in purity through faithfulness to the commandments of God ♡♡♡ Fare well - we will see each other soon ♡♡♡ All ♡♡♡ Through the stages of the world ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡

(Gloria and her confidants bless all DCs (disciples), aspirants, FR (friends), HPs (helpers), FM (family) and FNs (fans) and bid farewell with raised hands, retreating slowly floating ♡♡♡ Wow!!!) (End page 176)

AM: My and our beloved Feroniba, we have established the AM-portal - for you, your team and for the whole world ♡♡♡ Welcome for all time ♡♡♡ Keep the principles of the love of God, and the gates will be always open to you - forever ♡♡♡ That is my gift today for you and for the world ♡♡♡ Now take our blessing - we will now meet with increased regularity - as promised (quote here ♡♡♡). In all-love and omnipotence - all of your angel Amadeus ♡♡♡

(SF, GB and FO float back to the MD-spot - to London Richmond ♡♡♡)
GB: Dear Feroniba, now you see everything in front of you - and all the world is watching ♡♡♡ My assignment for your incarnation is now fulfilled - I commit you now fully to God Sof and stay reachable for you and all DCs - visit me soon in the GB-portal - all DCs and aspirants are invited 24/7 - forever ♡♡♡ All love and all strength for you all - Your angel Gabriel ♡♡♡ (End page 177) (He waves and leaves, floating ♡♡♡ GB taught FO the wisdom of the 7 chakras and of the colors, of the letters, the numbers and the symbols 2 weeks at a stretch without interruption in 1986 - everyone can read the chakra-working-book here, all 5 AuM class-books: Wisdom ♡ Chakra-work ♡ Tantra and meditation ♡ Child-rearing (parenting) ♡ Community ♡ Now he bids farewell on page 177 and goes to page 178 - therein are contained 3x the number 7, and 1 for God, 8 for omnipotence - everything you say or write three times is the symbol of certain manifestation - of the whole will - 178=88=infinite multidimensional, 2x lying 8 or infinite times infinite or to the power of infinite - and 178=1+7+8=16=1+6=7 ♡♡♡ Gabriel, we will never separate - never - never ♡♡♡ FO cries while writing, Gabriel was his greatest master and did everything for FO, everything, everything ♡♡♡ Always, 24/7 ♡♡♡

FO: Oh my Sof - oh my God ♡♡♡ Thaaaaank you for this journey ♡♡♡ Wow!!! Now we are alone again ♡♡♡ (All-one) ♡♡♡ Connected with you there is never lack - never ♡♡♡ mind and body keep their conditional striving and thinking-feeling etc., and that's alright ♡♡♡ Those who are still too much under their power or control get a vacation from us as long as he wishes or needs it - that you arranged ingeniously, you Sof-genius (German Genie, meaning English genie, miracle-spirit like from Aladdins lamp ♡♡♡).

How do we continue now - please advise me ♡♡♡
SF: (5:53) I am the creator of this world - you have known me as Sof for a long time now (since 8.9.2003 Sof TB 1-5, since 22.8.2015 God Sof TB 6 ff.).
My advice to you: Take as much vacation as you need - from now on forever - you have my blessing. DCs should always receive their vacation through (end page 178) me - I address them through you, my Sof-prophet. Arbitrary vacation is not desired - also not through IVs, VIs, DRs or the advice of other angels, masters, helpers and advisers of all kind. Are you agreed with this?
FO: Yes, that I am.
SF: Good. We know: Violence is cancelled - principally forever. Crimes and injuries of all kind are regulated through the (respective) state-laws and duties - that way we are always on the safe side (Sof wants the quotes of critical cases from all the world and from TS etc.). All means for God - an often abused law of the eternal sphere - remains undisputed and untouchable. Before nature utilizes all means the master comes - the angels, God comes (lapse (the fall of man) - before the expulsion of paradise God come again personally to help - as symbol for this eternal law.). There must be law (justice) - in all places. Masters do not kill - masters do not torture - but there can be pain - similar to the doctors. The (end page 179) law is on our side - healing without pain 24/7 is absurd as long as the suffering or mis-stepping operates, feels or thinks under conditionality - all means through the will and the counsel of the angels and God are the only remedy here - nothing in the whole world can ever replace this - nothing. Teach this to the humans through your example and through your team of DCs (disciples), contenders, aspirants and HPs (helpers) - that is my highest counsel to you today. Implement it - now ♡♡♡ We conclude for now

In all-love and omnipotence - omnipotence - omnipotence ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡

Forever all of your God Sof ♡♡♡

End 6:13 ♡♡♡ FO bows and goes to WR TB 13.2 online ♡♡♡

• Session 2 • 2015-12-2 London 5:50 WR TB 6.1 + 2 English upload ♡♡♡ Complete TB 6 + TB 6.de newly formatted ♡ +

correction ♡ 10:10 TB 6.1 upload English ♡♡♡ + formatting 11:00 color 12:40 color + upload + German color correction TB 6.2 + formatting finished ♡ 13:55 upload TB 9.7 English English ♡♡♡ upload + color + formatting + links + pics ♡♡♡ 15:50 R TB ♡ check all ♡ + TW FW 399 ♡♡♡ 16:15 B 16:20 HH 16:40 E + X FACTOR UK ♡ 17:05 WR TB 13.2 + formatting + pics 22:22 = 44 = Sof Sof = 8 = Omnipotence ♡♡♡

13.2 Translation - 02/Dez/15 - 00:00 - 01:50 = 1h50min (Estimated time of work: 2h)
FO Thu 2015-12-3 London 1:40-2:20 TB 13.2 English upload + formatting + links ♡

Chapter 3 - Psycho-Gene - Co-creation - Freed

TK 1-10 (tasks) and 7 nails (- put one's money where one's mouth is)

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Música Zen ~ Zen Music - From the Mix: "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

>MD 1 = TB 13.3 - Fri 2015-12-4 London 3:38-6:27 (Diary-pages 184-194) - TW FW 427 - 2:55 DR (dream) With DCs (disciples) through mystic assignment-land - we walk over moving stairs down into a big hall - analysis: essence TB WT + assignments - later in MD it is revealed that SF announced himself with the assignments ♡♡♡ 3:05 B 3:15 MD-spot + IC Frankincense ♡♡♡ WA VE, am to forward criticism to AN 3:38 start MD 5 ♡♡♡
Moon with big star - (drawing) decreasing (3 photos ♡)
FO: Hello my dear God Sof ♡♡♡ Can we please dissolve this vacation-subject for me? It only makes me nervous and W (work) 24/7 on everything which needs to be done: completing CM 3, new CM + CC (end page 184) sketches, TB English color etc. etc.
SF: Hello my dear FO - we can do this, yes. I gave you the vacation mainly as an example for the world and the new DCs (disciples) - but also for you in case you need it.
FO: Thank you, Sof, it currently disturbs me more than it helps me, sorry - but you understand me :-)
SF: Yes, I understand everything :-)
FO: Are my stringency and consequences with AN and all DC's okay as they are?
SF: Absolutely, yes.
FO: Now I am here and ready to proceed with our wonderful MD-sessions and fantastic but 100% true, real travels - that is my opinion, you know it ♡♡♡
SF: (3:52) We have now reached the destination of our collaboration and travels: We have visited and met ST (Seth, Satan), CS (central-sun-personality), GL (Gloria), AM and GB, together with their respective teams of closest confidants, or let's rather say friends (FR) - In the unconditional sphere (end page 185) trust is always manifest in perfection among all infinite souls, as well as joy and ecstasy, perfected omnipotence and all-love etc. - all infinite dimensions (MLs) are always reachable for all in perfected freedom and in infinite breadth and depth ♡♡♡

Welcome home in the infinite spheres of eternal abundance
and the perfected richness of God and all souls -
unlimited in number and space -
timeless and free from all lack of the conditional spheres
- always limited in number and space.

Today we begin with the first assignments (TK task, assignment, exercise, challenge) for all DCs (disciples) and FNs (fans). We begin with TK (task) 1:

TK 1 • (Give ... SF partially speaks English :-) Give a short but comprehensive depiction of your personality and your N (nature). You can ask me questions (Q) to all subjects at all times. (End page 186)

TK 2 • Explain AM (angel Amadeus) Riding-Soldier - greetings to AM and his glorious team ♡♡♡ (SF raises his hand as a greeting and AM and team appear in the distance and bow and greet back with raised hand ♡♡♡ - for this also gladly Q FO)

TK 3 • (From here Sof speaks English :-) Meet the earth-, moon- and sun-personalities in both 2 daily MDs (meditations) and WR (write) down and RP (report) your experiences of the encounters for the TS (Terasof) students (DCs), the GR (group) and the Ms (masters). Ms (master) are currently FO, FA, AO, TY and KA if they are not in recommended or voluntary leave of absence (vacation).

TK 4 • Describe your imperfections (shortcomings) and disorders or errors and scrutinize (visualize) the respective fullness (abundance) (or wealth, opulence, luxury, surplus etc.) RP (report) to us about it an/or let us help you with it.

TK 5 • Meet with the TS GR (Terasof group) of DCs (desciples) and Ms (masters) in complete inward peace ♡♡♡ try to LR (learn) and practice (PC) inward peace (soul-peace) and attain the goal of this consciousness 24/7 - become a master (M) of Terasof (TS) - or establish your own group (GR).

TK 6 • Paint a picture - write (WR) a poem or a story - CM (compose) a melody (tune) - be creative - send it to TS (Terasof) - we will put it on our website (end page 187) upon request ♡

(continued in German) From now one we speak bilingually in turns. Agreed?
FO: I like that - yes ♡♡♡
SF: We have now explained the great love for the world - now we come to the small, very personal love for the children, and partners, friends (FRs), fans (FNs) etc. Tensions of all kinds are a sign of causative misconceptions - we'll call it psycho-genes from now on - hereditary (inherited) psychological misconceptions (SF has been using this word in P (private) with FO for some time ♡). Psycho-genes (PG) are the root problem of the current (today's) humanity-conflicts and problems. Here is our new approach - here lies the key of our W (work) for the world - for our dedication of the prophet-job for you (FO), and for our offer of the TS (Terasof) Ms (masters). That is our approach - our offer: the salvation of the (end page 188) world - now and today - forever ♡♡♡ How do you like that, Feroniba?
FO: Fantastic - glorious - ingenious ♡♡♡
SF: Good - let's do the job properly now:

1 • Who is ready or wants to be or become TS M (Terasof master)?

2 • We define and offer meetings - and seminar-rooms - with immediate effect (Sof-Ort ♡♡♡ (wordplay on 'sofort', German word for 'immediately')) in London, Berlin and Leipzig ♡♡♡ Travel (visit) these places regularly - all meetings (sessions) are also online from now on (Google+ etc. ♡)

3 • We're accepting new DC's - for now only we work here - FO and SF - together and prepare the initiation-conditions (requirements).

4 • The MD-forum (panel) for 2 daily MDs will be opened - with immediate effect - contact over WhatsApp (WA), Skype and Google+ (G+) etc. as well as direct MTs (meetings)

5 • The bear is loose - who will catch him again ♡♡♡

6 • Partnership is defined (189) anew - FO has the leadership, counsel and supervision here - the principle is long-known: Dharma (friendship on spiritual divine basis) Artha (business-relationship) Kama (marriage-relationship) Moksha (spiritual divine relationship) - GB (Gabriel(e) has already installed it in perfection for AUM and TS - utilize the CBs (course-books - coming online here soon) for this (here-for).

7 • The sage is you - Feroniba (FO). Are you content with this setup or do you want to change something?
FO: I am content, thank you Sof ♡♡♡ You have once again perfectly orchestrated (arranged) that ♡♡♡ Bravo! ♡♡♡
SF: (5:20)
(Listen to ★2 HOURS★ of Meditation Music - Relaxing Music - Yoga & Tai Chi Music - Background & Sleep Music
From the Mix: "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡)


We are an old team
God Sof - FO and Co.
DCs (students) private (P) intimate
We only do (W) it like this

Who wants to come can stay
The rules are made by us
Who doesn't keep them has to part
It isn't our fault

The psycho-gene is
Humanities great burden
Ego - war and cunning
Who strikes goes to the slammer (prison) (gets caught/apprehended)

With cars - games and dolls
Kids are pacified
Those who defy go to the shed
And love - it is cancelled

Obeying and marching
That is the style of the time
They carry on as with animals
And no one left that screams

Everything under control
No trace of wisdom here
The Star Money and Mother Hulda
They only count as fairy-tales

Fascists become king
Terror president
Advertisement becomes the Phoenix
No little light now burns

Brecht is put on the list
For Hitler has the power
Scaffold for Scholl's siblings
With a heavy thump

But now the games are up
We no longer tolerate it
For Gods love is
Fair with all beings

With angels and prophets
We declare war
Non-violent - with trumpets
We now stride to victory

FO, angels and masters
Are ready without weapons
Advertisement and fuddle duddle
here they get cut out

Now comes the power of words
Through mediums and through action
To all great places
And everyone follows the counsel

Now the time has come
Long it is prophesied
Oh humans - come - call - scream
Humanity is freed

That is for you - Feroniba ♡♡♡
Now you can grasp it - you can see it - it lives - it grows - it becomes manifest ♡♡♡ Through you, the Sofet (Sof-prophet) ♡♡♡ Deal?
FO: Deal, my beloved lord God Sof ♡♡♡

SF: Now onward with our TKs (tasks).

TK 7 • Become a DC (disciple) or FN (fan) - join our list - Follow us on Twitter and Facebook ♡♡♡ Join Terasof ♡♡♡ (eV eG etc.)

TK 8 • Love everyone - from now on forever - love God -love the universe - love unconditionally - but always fight all conditionalites - without violence and causing others suffering (exception to this later).

TK 9 • Be our guest - come and visit us - keep the rules and stay with us ♡♡♡

TK 10 • Co-create TS (Terasof) - now - forever ♡♡♡ Welcome ♡♡♡

Okay - that's sufficient for now. We'll continue later ♡♡♡
(FO bows and leaves ♡♡♡) End 6:27 WR TB 13.3 online ♡

• Session 3 • 2015-12-4 London 6:27 WR TB 13.3 online ♡ 9:30 HH + AN (+ VE) PS - wants to go to Leipzig - booking flight 10:15 WR TB 13.3 - GA back from kinder-garden because of nausea, in FOs room, then back to VE - TB 13.3 online completed + pic + formatting ♡♡♡ 12:50 WA TS AY + proofreading + color ♡♡♡ finished 16:30 TB formatting 16:50 TO T zu AN + TBP + PE +y RP ♡♡♡ 17:40 TB 6.7-18 English upload + formatting + pics finished 20:50 ♡♡♡ WR TW Followers + WA TS AY ♡♡♡ End + TB R complete ♡♡♡ 21:40

13.3 Translation - 04/Dez/15 - 23:50 - 01:20 = 1h30min (Estimated time of work: 2h)
FO Tue 2015-12-8 2:00-3:00 TB 13.3 English upload and formatting ♡♡♡

Chapter 4 - Essence and effectiveness - Moon, life, emotion (feeling)

PPs and PG (part personalities and psycho gene) - DCs/FNs (disciples/fans) undiplomatic - Love-child - One truth, one goal

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Mix - "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 7 = TB 13.4 - Fri 2015-12-4 London 2:29-6:16 (Diary-pages 194-204) - 1:30 IV ML (multidimensional) TR (travel) to all previous places + persons + events/occurrences simultaneously - WR list ♡♡♡ (HW) 1:55 AY SMS TL (translation) + RP (report) LD (lucid dream) - Post offer with analysis online (end page 194) TS WS (website) 2:05 B compl. 2:50 MD-spot + IC Frank Incense - Darshan ♡♡♡ 2:29 start MD 7
SF: Hello my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ We just visited all your previous ML TR (multiple dimension travel) - This was also the subject of our 1st encounter in this life - describe it here (link coming soon), and complete the ESs (essences) for all our FNs (fans) - then everyone can follow us with it (understand it). This is also our key and title today: Essence and effectiveness. We're cutting our hedges - the garden gets cultivated/maintained - that which disturbs is removed. Today you recognized the lesson and the essential coherence of the PPs (part personalities) and the PG (psycho gene) through mine and AMs (angel Amadeus) help of the last weeks and through KAS and SAs examples: PG is the stuff that dominates/controls, occupies or even blocks the PPs. We offer these two to come to grips with this once and for all - it won't (end page 195) be easy - but (it is) doable ♡♡♡ Through our joint help they can give a great example for the world and for the time of our books (TB 1-13 ff.). Are you ready for it?
FO: With your - previously I would have said with GB(e)s (angel Gabriel(e)s) - help yes, and very gladly even - it will be a great help and liberation for them both and for the FNs (fans) and readers, for the whole world ♡♡♡ It's glorious to watch how you develop the stuff (substance/subjects) - infinitely exciting - always entertaining - and always only practice-oriented - inspirational and perfected ♡♡♡

Listen to >>> Harold Budd & Brian Eno - The Pearl ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡


The moon appears in the sky
And bestows (sends) us his (the) light
The sunlight-bustle
But origin he is not

The suns are creators
That which draws near is scorched
And are Gods time-lapsers
Students of Einstein, realize:

E is m c square
Space and time is (are) relative
Light lives and gives us counsel
And (the) straight space is (becomes) askew

Oh (You) dear moon - only (and) you
Command ebb and flow
Floating placidly - watching
The splendid heavens-blaze (glow)

From outer space (through) Gods hand
Shines endless turmoil
Suns give sense (reason)
But you give (us) emotion

There are infinite stars
Planets - galaxies
Through you life grows - agrestic (rural)
The (And) ghosts must flee

You steer (lead) the power of the mind
To purest emotion
Through night and dream - you know it
Silence - Meditation

Feroniba is Master
Feratonis watches
We - God Sof - angel - ghosts
Are Cinderellas shoe

Everyone has their way (journey, path)
Always with them deep within
Come dear human and lay
The world-cover bare

We help with the power
Which causally liberates
Awoken through angels hand
Humanity - through escort

The stars and the universe
Lock-picks of nature
Never ending fall
Gods love-string (-trace)

FO: (4:59) M dear God, beloved Sof, you permeate everything ♡♡♡ My entire body and the entire mind are swirling in utmost ecstasy and concentration (end page 198) ♡♡♡ Infinitely fast and churning up, like ecstasy-sparks which are constantly spraying for joy and infecting everything with it - a sea of joy of God ♡♡♡ Yaaaaayyy!!! Glory without end ♡♡♡ And everyone can simply read along and is thereby already swept along by your divine appearance - your divine presence casts a spell over and captivates everything ♡♡♡ Everything ♡♡♡


I would like to quote Ayvens (AYs) LD (lucid dream) here - what do you think?
And what are your thoughts on SA, KA, TY, FA and CI? May I ask that (here) at this point?

SF: You and everyone can ask me everything at all times -
we have already practiced how that works together -
once and forever (TB 9.7 - technique to spontaneously deactivate (passivate) the mind ♡ Thereto 8th key :-) ♡♡♡

AY (Ayven) shall decide himself -
he is well on the way -
Counsel through you and us
and (end page 199) decision for perfected discipline in all things
are here the key for his success -
we extend our hands to him -
he himself must take the path,
no one can help with this now.

SA can make it now
The hard nut grows soft
The shell is only feigned
Within she is rich ♡♡♡

KA is a soldier
There must be commands
The joy lies in diligence
That is the life for her

TY doesn't want love yet
Lust is her territory
The bait can lure her
Tame the animal

Feratonis the pure
No one comes close to her
For her only there's only the one (only the one counts)
Everything she has (already) seen

CI doesn't want to alone
To the path to our world
A prince has to be there
Whom only she completely likes

And Mona - since you asked
I'm hearing every word
She wants - but she postpones it
Still worldly seeks the (her) place

And Steffen is a gangster
Seranoa a God
Once he was our closest
Trust is thrown on the scrap heap


We are not diplomatic
Everyone hears who (how) he is
Hurtful vegetarian
Is spiritual rubbish

Healing is often painful
That has been criticized
Now it shows who sincerely
Or sinister operates

The students were vicious
They betrayed us
With mighty racket (bluster)
They canted and lied

We are rid of all
The terrible specters
Psycho-genes bosom
God Sof closes the windows

Truth is no sham
Which you quickly put on
But lovingly being
Because it does not fiendishly (diabolically) injure

Lord Seth is not to blame
No devil who distorts
Satan deserves the benevolence (grace)
From the world which rests on him

Here now the greeting to all
Who are good of heart
Control the urge - the bile
Be a lovechild now

(6:01) We have now said and done allot, my beloved prophet Feroniba ♡♡♡ Do you see now what it benefits you - do you see it clearly - (end page 202) and everyone who follows us? What do you see?
FO: Only love counts and helps - everything else evaporates. So we carry on loving unconditionally - always everything and always everyone - for all time ♡♡♡
SF: Bravo my dear - you are and remain all of our representative of purity and effectiveness on earth - our master of pure perfected mysticism of all times and all places of the entire creation ♡♡♡

(Listen to Música Zen ~ Zen Music ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡)

One Truth

There is only one truth:
it loves you ♡♡♡

And there is only one goal:
To invite me, God Sof - in all countless names and forms -
back into the dreary own heart -
devastated through violence and murder,
Lie and deception,
Darkness and feign -

and thus awake again
as an eternally freed soul
in the infinite paradise
of love and of peace -

once again forever ♡♡♡

Eternal joy ♡♡♡ Eternal bliss ♡♡♡ Immaculate ♡♡♡ For all time ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡

In all-love and omnipotence ♡♡♡
All of your God Sof ♡

End 6:16 ♡♡♡ FO bows in the MD-spot (meditation) forehead on the floow, before God Sof, embraces him and goes to VE + Kids ♡♡♡ + R for VE TB 13.4 ♡ complete, because she wants it :-) ♡ TW FW 437 ♡

• Session 4 • Sat 2015-12-5 London (6:16 FO to VE + Kids, R TB 13.4 for VE, complete, because she wants to HR (hear) it 8:00 HH + GA Talk ♡ 8:20 (GA plays in FOs room, Papa W :-) E + WR TB 13.4 online ♡ + pics formatting color ♡♡♡ finished ♡♡♡ 14:20 TB 13.1 pics + TB 13.3 color ♡♡♡ + pic + music Eine Wahrheit - One Truth ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ End TB 13 everything completely done ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ 17:00 R TB 13 complete scan :-) - wooowww!!! 17:20 R TB all - corrections - end 18:40

13.4 Translation - 07/Dez/15 - 22:10 - 00:05 = 1h55min (Estimated time of work: 2h)
FO Tue 2015-12-8 2:00 TB 13.4 upload

Chapter 5 - Perfected certainty of the awareness of God etc. ♡♡♡ - Marriage through God Sof

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Bill Evans - Time Remembered (Full Album) ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 9 = TB 13.5 - Sun 2015-12-6 London 6:35-11:11 (Diary-pages 205-215) - 5:55 WA JU + TH SF ♡♡♡ 6:10 B 6:20 MD-spot IC Thailand Bangkok (Sandal-Rose) ♡♡♡ 6:35 MD 9
FO: Hello my beloved Sof - beloved God ♡♡♡ My request (appeal) to you today is that you promise and guarantee me that my awareness and perceptions of you, the angels, masters, helpers and ethereal beings of all kinds are not contingent, distorted, falsified, disfigured, filtered or created, fabricated, made up etc.and that I never succumb or never can succumb illusion or imagination. Can you give me this certainty, today for all time? FOr this I want to ask you today ♡♡♡ (6:45 - FO immerses himself ♡♡♡ And waits ♡♡♡
SF appears instantly and fulfills FO completely, from all sides and from the inner center of FOs - 100% ♡♡♡ Then he greets FO with a slight (end page 205) bow - he is covered in light white cloths, long light hair, free beardless face, smiles and speaks:)
SF: My dear Feroniba - our beloved prophet: We are all gathered (FO sees all souls surrounding SF like in a huge filled stadium, without limitation, all floating or with their own surroundings) and assure you of this out of eternal omnipotence and all-love - today for all time ♡♡♡ (All bow and send FO various gestures, signs and sendings of all various ML kinds - FO receives all sendings in his floating body surrounded by his spaceship ♡♡♡)
FO: Dear assembly, my beloved God Sof ♡♡♡ Today I send you - on this perfected glorious basis in this conditional world, as answer to all your perfected sendings of perfected assurance of my wish for 100% true awareness of the pure truth in all things and (end page 106) inward encounters on the ethereal plain, my decision and my word: I am of my own accord and out of my own conviction, with all my heart and with all my soul, your prophet and mysticism-master for the world - from now on for all time ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡

SF: (7:03) All paths now clear - through and through ♡♡♡ Let us now all unify with one-another ♡♡♡ (Sof and all ceremoniously approach FO and enter into his spaceship and his body - in FOs center - the FO portal ♡♡♡ Wooooooowwwwwww!!!!!!! ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡
FO: The most wonderful ecstasy of all times comes into effect for me, FO ♡♡♡ Omnipotence and all-love manifests fully ♡♡♡ Wonderful ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Wonderful ♡♡♡ Wonderful ♡♡♡ Wonderful ♡♡♡

(FO now floats (end page 207) with his spaceship, connected to all assembled, here and there to various personalities ML simultaneously - then to everyone ♡♡♡ Then FO withdraws from everyone again, into his spaceship, dissolves the SS (spaceship) and floats on alone with SF ♡♡♡)
SF: (7:13) Now you are free - entirely free ♡♡♡ Nothing that binds or conditions you any longer - nothing - nothing at all - and never again - once and for all ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡

Today I have a very special gift for you, for SA, KA, GA, MO and SO ♡♡♡ You can be a family if you want it ♡♡♡ You have my blessing ♡♡♡ For all of you and for the entire world ♡♡♡

Listen to Beethoven Symphony #9 in D minor Opus 125, 4th movement. Leonard Bernstein and the Vienna Phil

     Holy matrimony

All humans are
freed in me - God Sof
You become the child
The richness and the court

Only your children
the example that you set
Through the love-oath
Most highly regarded by all

Human kind now looks up
the soul is freed
For the stars course
no longer determines the time

Dear children you
shall only feel love hence
Dear parents we
want to lead them in love

Feroniba - you
are the prophet of the world
Mothers - you are now
the model (role-model/example) which pleases

Love is not easy
only whole it can persist
Everything else yields
yes only this way it can work

I - God Sof - am now
forever there for you
Love through your doing
to love now say: Yes ♡♡♡

Now appreciate (dignify) the place
which I - God Sof - gave you
Keep our treasure
the world-prophet-staff

Three children you already have -
Sofie and Moses - small
Gabriel is my (our) son
and (he) can be it forever

Keep the rules
we give the holiday
Human kinds sunshine
this you are from today

I bless the holy matrimony -
for you and for the world
That it may be written
Speculation is omitted

Masters - angels - God -
love is ignited
Torture and scaffold
burned - forever (-) laugh ♡♡♡

Are you content (agreed) - do you give each other and us your word? Do you want holy matrimony with each other and with us - the masters, angels and with me, God Sof - one time forever? Now then say to each other and to us: Yes ♡♡♡ (obligatory: I want to enter holy matrimony with (partner) and with the masters, the angels and with God (Sof or other name) - one time forever - in love and faith to each other and to the commandments and principles of God, and always also for the whole world.)

♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡

(The order is arbitrary - also doable/replaceable with other holy invocations ♡♡♡)

(8:27 R RP + Explanations + End TB 13 shown online + R to KA + SA til 9:44 (KA + SA are witnesses of the time ♡♡♡ for St. Nicholas ♡♡♡ Everyone has presents in the shoe ♡♡♡ Bridie as well ♡♡♡)
KA: Many thanks for the gift which I accept with help from FO (in short, could say allot but I'm not so (end page 211) actualized - but gladly later or upon request). ♡♡♡
SA: (9:51) I gladly want to accept the offer - I cannot grasp it in its full extent at the moment, but I gladly want to learn, experience and live it ♡♡♡
FO: (9:54) Dear Verena (VE) and dear Anne (AN) - Kyraleya (KA) and Samirotis (SA) - I am very excited about our mutual future with God Sof, the angels, masters and helpers and with the whole world which visits and contacts us etc. Welcome to our glorious marriage with our children and God Sof & Co. ♡♡♡ Much love ♡♡♡ Your FO ♡♡♡ (hug ♡♡♡ contest who has the daughter Gloria ♡♡♡ SAs ticket to Leipzig cost 222,55 :-) FO goes back to MD-spot ♡♡♡

FO: (10:05) Thank you my beloved God Sof for this glorious arrangement of matrimony through you personally ♡♡♡ WIth VE I am now connected since 1997 - 19 years - and with AN since 2002 - 14 years - in our TS GR 24/7 - (end page 212) Wooowww!!! Great !!! Pure love - nothing else ♡♡♡ Suuuuuuupeeeeeeer!!!!!!! Infinite thanks ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ SF: (10:10)


The mountain is now crested
Only valley surrounds it
To God you have (they have) come
Not to do it was dumb

Now you are our team
In love - fully intimately
My price for the lily

Who wants to be the next
Whom we marry off
With God at the holy shrine
Through (and) heavens counsel

Family - friends - fans
Students and guests - look
How glorious and immense
God himself marries matrimony

(SF wants to have the Ode To Joy by Freidrich Schiller quoted here and a link to Beethovens 9th symphony, last movement ♡♡♡ End page 213)

Listen to Beethoven Symphony #9 in D minor Opus 125, 4th movement. Leonard Bernstein and the Vienna Phil

Ode to joy

Joy, bright spark of divinity,
Daughter of Elysium,
Fire-inspired we tread,
Thy Heavenly, thy sanctuary.
Thy magic power re-unites
All that custom has divided,
All men become brothers
Under the sway of thy gentle wings.

Whoever has created
An abiding friendship,
Or has won a true and loving wife,
Join in our song of praise,
Yes, all who can call at least one soul
Theirs upon this earth;
But any who cannot must creep tearfully
Away from our circle.

All creatures drink of joy
At nature's breast.
Just and unjust
Alike taste of her gift;
She gave us kisses and the fruit of the vine,
A tried friend to the end.
Even the worm can feel contentment,
And the cherub stands before God!

As His heavenly bodies fly
On their courses through the heavens,
Thus, brothers, you should run your race,
As a hero going to conquest.

You millions, I embrace you.
This kiss is for all the world!
Brothers, above the starry canopy
There must dwell a loving Father.
Do you fall in worship, you millions?
World, do you know your creator?
Seek him in the heavens;
Above the stars must He dwell.

SF: Congratulations to all of you ♡♡♡ I thank you for your work, your efforts and our trust ♡♡♡

Now we move on to the next step ♡♡♡ My dear Feroniba, what do you suggest now?
FO: Hmm - I have to think for a moment - preferably your advice ♡♡♡
SF: We have now arranged the marriage in perfection - bravo to all of you! ♡♡♡
Now we get to the domestic: You can make the Leipzig-house into a temple - do you want this? If not sell it and build a temple in London - with big land for all (Link coming soon). You decide ♡♡♡ Book (TBP), seminars, theater and CCs are my recommendation for the next time - use the mediums (Social Media TW FB YT etc.) for this - our WS is a gem - my and our biggest praise to you, Feroniba ♡♡♡ We are already a good team - all together ♡♡♡ My and our personal thanks to you all (FO KA SA (end page 214) FA TY CI AY ♡♡♡) ♡♡♡ We now invite the GR for collaboration - 24/7 - I give you the plan, the money, the means and the helpers which you respectively need for it - in perfection and love - agreed?
FO speaks to you for me and for all of us ♡♡♡ we begin - now ♡♡♡ (11:05 Foto ♡♡♡)
We conclude for now - discuss among yourselves and then come back to our further getting the job done ♡♡♡ Best of luck with your discussions your God Sof ♡♡♡ (End 11:11 ♡♡♡) T AN RP 11:23 T RP VE + Ges. O to SF plan ♡ agreement: FO WR Script backpack ♡♡♡ + HH 12:50 E + start WR TB 13.5 online

• Session 5 • Sun 2015-12-6 London 12:50 E + WR TB 13.5 online ♡ 13:40 AN D 2 - fixpoints 14:15 WR TB 13.5 14:20 JU T RP PE + N PR + R TB 13 AM Gloria a wisdom etc. + 13.5 parts ♡ 16:10 WR TB 13.5 online - finished ♡♡♡ 19:35 pics + color ♡♡♡ 21:35

13.5 Translation - 07/Dez/15 - 00:10 - 01:45 = 1h35min (Estimated time of work 2h)

Chapter 6 - Mysticism uncensored; mastery ♡♡♡ - Alpha und Omega

Deutscher Originaltext

Coming soon by Ayven ♡

Listen to Mix - "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 11 = TB 13.6 - Mon 2015-12-7 London 7:05-10:24 (diary pages 216-226) - 6:45 B 6:55 MD-space IC Nag Champa 7:05 start MD 11


• Session 1 • Sun 2015-11-29 London 12:10-13:55 WR MD 57 = TB 13.1 - 11:38 HH 12:10 E + WR TB 13.1 ♡♡♡ fertig online 13:55 WA TS AY 14:05 color - fertig 16:15 proofreading 16:30


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